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Religious Jewelry Popularity


Why Religious Jewelry is so popular?

Organized religion has always been known for its signs and symbols throughout history. It is only natural that believers in those religions wear the symbols of their faith close to their bodies for others to see. Christians first began wearing the symbol of the fish before the cross became popular and Jews will often wear the Star of David. Other religions have other symbols but all religions use jewelry as a showcase of their specific religious belief. When someone believes in something very deeply, he wants to let everyone else know about that belief. It is hard to talk to each and every person who crosses his path, so he wears an outward symbol of his faith to proclaim its message to everyone that noticed.

The cross is the largest, most widely recognized, and most popular religious symbol in the world. After Jesus died on the cross, Christians took up the cross as a symbol to remind them of the death and resurrection of Christ. The crucifix is a symbol that shows Jesus hanging on the cross. It symbolizes Jesus’ death and sacrifice. The empty cross symbolizes the same things, with the addition of the resurrection.

The earliest cross pieces of jewelry were worn by early Christians and made from wood or various stone materials. When precious metals came onto the scene and gained popularity, crosses were made out of gold and silver and some of the more wealthy Christians wore them as a sign of their faith. Today, crosses are made in a multitude of styles and patterns with all of the world’s metals along with gemstones and plenty of other adornments.

When it comes to finding just the right piece of religious jewelry, there are no right or wrong answers. The right piece of jewelry depends on the style the individual likes and wants and the message of faith she wants to convey. The easiest way to choose a piece of jewelry is to wait for a specific piece to touch your beliefs, your style, your faith, and your aesthetic appeal at the same time. No matter what, make sure you never wear religious jewelry to please anyone else. It is an item that you should wear for your own faith and belief reasons.


Why do we wear Religious Jewelry?

Do you ever see a person wearing a religious symbol and wonder what it means to them? Is that person trying to tell you they are from a certain faith? Are they trying to set a trend and stay with the current style? Do they even know what that piece of jewelry really means? Religious jewelry can mean many things to many people. The cross, for instance, is a popular symbol. Mainly, it is worn by Christians to proclaim their faith. But it is also a stylish emblem that some non-Christians wear just for aesthetics.

Religious jewelry has endured through the use of various symbols throughout history. Some of the sacred symbols find their way onto personal jewels and then believers use wearing those jewels as signs of their faith. Most of the world religions have placed certain values on symbolism and wearing special religious symbols can mean plenty to the wearer.

It is a good idea to wear religious jewelry that means something to the wearer. If the wearer does not fully understand the symbol, it might be a good time to find out. People who do not know about some of the more obscure symbols might ask and it would give the wearer a chance to share a little bit about her faith. The cross, at least, is a virtually universal symbol for the Christian faith. Those who wear the cross are generally identifying themselves as a Christian believer. It is a good idea for these people to act accordingly. Wearing religious items and not acting in a polite, respectful manner does the religious faith an injustice.