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Religious Jewelry Facts


Many jewelry trends can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The same can be said about religious jewelry. At the time, most of the symbols were pagan and organic because Christianity had not yet been introduced to the world. In Egypt, symbolic religious items were worn because they were believed to bring luck to the wearer as well as their overall aesthetic beauty. Once Roman rule began, religious jewelry items started showing signs of Christian symbols such as prayer beads, praying hands, the fish and, of course, the cross. Many other religions have symbols that they display on jewelry. It is common to see symbols from Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and even Native American religions.


Cross jewelry items are the most popular and most well know expression of Christianity. Crosses are often seen in gold, silver, or other metals featuring diamonds or other stones. The cross is the universal sign for Christianity that nearly everyone in the world recognizes. The fish is a symbol that seems more contemporary, but it actually originates thousands of years ago. Christians also often wear items that depict images of the Bible, saint medallions, and many other expressions of faith.

The Star of David is the most popular and recognizable symbol of the Jewish faith. The six pointed star is to Judaism what the cross is to Christianity. The star originates from stories that relate to King David’s shield. The star was either the shape of the shield, or the emblem on the front of the shield, depending on the story. Today, Star of David jewelry is a beautiful way to celebrate the faith. The Chai symbol is another popular representation of Judaism. It is sometimes used as a pendant to symbolize the Hebrew word for “living.” The Mezuzah is a cylindrical shaped case that has spiritual words engraved on its scrolls. These symbols also make a wonderful faith-filled pendant.

Religious jewelry has been many things over its years of history, including fashion statements and statements of faith. The jewelry that depicts religious symbols can come in many different varieties. In the beginning, it was simple and crude. Today, cross jewelry and other religious items can be simple and gold or large and embellished with stones in the center and several different types of medal. Some of the religious jewelry items feature the crucifixion, various saints, or other specific parts of the Christian faith. There enough options for everyone.

There are also many different occasion in which is it perfect to give religious jewelry as a gift. Babies often receive their very first pieces of jewelry during the event of their baptism. There are many religious jewelry options for babies including cross jewelry, rosary beads and many other items. Gift givers may also want to give religious jewelry as gifts for confirmations, weddings, graduations, births, or many other occasions. Religious jewelry is a nice gift for many different reasons. Jewelry itself is valuable and with the religious meaning it holds, it becomes even more special.


What is Blessed Jewelry?

Blessed jewelry is an even more special type of religious jewelry. Blessed jewelry is a religious piece of jewelry that has been blessed by a priest or some other high religious figure. That means the priest has prayed over the item, bestowing blessings to the item that are meant to pass along to the wearer. The blessings within the items are supposed to give the wearer extra protection and blessings as they wear and use the piece. Blessed jewelry can be one of many different items including rosary beads, saint pendants, cross necklaces, wedding rings, bracelets, or any number of other religious jewelry items. Buyers can find these items in their local catholic jewelry stores or online at Christian gifts website. The item should be labeled saying that it is a blessed piece of jewelry; otherwise it is likely just a common piece of religious jewelry.