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Religious Gifts Buyer's Guide

When buying a special gift for someone, it is important to make sure the item you buy is a genuine piece of jewelry. There are plenty of inexpensive forms of jewelry, but when someone buys a metal or gemstone related item, they need to make sure that item is what it says it is.

There are many things to consider when buying a religious gift for someone. First, you need to take the recipient into consideration. Their style and taste should be the first consideration. Second, you need to think about the certain event that you are purchasing a gift to commemorate. If you are buying a religious gift for a baptism, that item might be more appropriate in certain forms than it would be for a graduation or birthday gift. Third, keep in mind that many of the religious gifts for certain religious occasions may be things that other people think to give as well. You might want to find a way to specialize or customize the gift you give in order to make it unique from gifts others have purchased.

There are many different types of religious gifts from which to choose. You can buy Bibles and have the recipient's name embossed on the front. Don't forget to write a special verse on the inside of the Bible to remind the person who gave it to them and why their faith is important. There are also a large number of other religious books that have every conceivable topic. Christian music, DVDs, and clothes are wonderful gifts for people of all ages. And Christian wall hangings and statues are nice items as well. One of the most popular religious gifts comes in the form of jewelry. Jewelry is something that has both beauty and a message when it comes in a religious form. People can wear their jewelry, enjoy its aesthetic qualities, and make a statement of faith at the same time.


How can I Tell if My Jewelry is Genuine?

If you are buying a special piece of jewelry, you want to make sure the metal or gemstones used in creating that piece are genuine. If the item has a diamond in it, for example, you will want to know that the diamond is real and of good quality. The best option is to have the piece of jewelry appraised be a jeweler from another store. Sometimes this is not an option and there are things you can do in the store to make the judgment yourself. Diamonds-the first thing you can do to ensure that a diamond within a piece is real is ask for a certificate. The certificate of authenticity will not only ensure that the diamond is real, but it will also tell you what the grade level is on the diamond. You can also look through the diamond. Those that sharply bend the light are more likely to be real. Glass, quartz and other items that are sometimes used to create diamond-looking jewelry have less sparkle because the light bends less around their properties. Take a look at the diamond under a microscope. If you can see an orange flash around the top facets as you look down on the rock, you will know it is a fake stone. Also check the metal that surrounds the diamond. Real diamonds are not often set in cheap metals.

Is Online Shopping Safe?

There is no reason that anyone would need your birth date, social security number or other personal pieces of information in order to do business with you. If a person gets some of these details in combination with your credit card information, they can do a lot of damage.

What Size of Chain Should I Purchase?

Non-custom necklace chains come in several different standard lengths. There are five standard lengths for women and four for men. Each person is unique in his or her preferences. Not all standard sizes work well for each person. Depending on the style of necklace, jewelers can sometimes shorten or lengthen chains. Custom chains and necklaces always cost more, but if the fit is perfect and they are frequently used, they are often worth the cost.

What Size Cross, Crucifix or Medallion?

The size of the cross, crucifix or medallion greatly depends on the style of chain. If the chain is large and thick, a tiny pendant will look silly hanging from it. Take the size and style of the chain into consideration when choosing the right religious item to hang from the chain. Another thing to think through is the style of the individual who might be wearing the cross or crucifix. If the person is bold about their faith and likes to make a big statement, a large cross might be best. If the person wants an item that can be worn on a daily basis with any type of outfit, a medium to small crucifix would fit in well. There are enough different options in medallions, crucifix crosses, and plain crosses that any option is available. Buyers can search their local Christ gift shops and also look at online Catholic jewelry websites to get an idea of all of the options that are for sale.

Women generally wear smaller crosses and pendants that are around 1" or smaller in size. If the woman is petite, an even smaller cross is better. A larger woman might like a cross that is slightly larger than average. Some women even like pendants that make a bold statement that are 2" or larger in size. For a safe gift, stick with a 1" cross or crucifix pendant.


Quick Tips on How to care for Your Jewelry

Jewelry is something that can last for generation after generation if it is high quality and handled with care. In order to keep your jewelry in good condition for future generations, it is a good idea to take care of the items in certain manners. With a few simple cleaning and care tips, quality jewelry can last for many lifetimes.

  • Never wear jewelry when working with chemicals or when swimming in chlorinated water
  • Take jewelry off before doing any gardening or other yard work
  • Remove jewelry before applying any hair products or other chemicals
  • Clean pieces of jewelry with detergent free mild soap and warm water with the help of a toothbrush. Rinse the items with warm water and pat them dry
  • Jewelry can also be cleaned in jewelry store cleaning items. Set the items in the jar given to you by the store and let them soak. Leaving them, even overnight, is okay
  • Keep jewelry in lined boxes when it is not in use so it does not get lost, scratched, or otherwise damaged