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Prehistoric Days


History of Religious Jewelry

Humans have always had the need to decorate themselves with various ornaments. Those ornaments, though aesthetically pleasing, often also have some sort of extra meaning. That meaning has changed over the years, but it is often tied directly to the religious beliefs of the community as a whole. When a jeweler made a piece of jewelry, he made have had certain convictions in mind. The piece was likely meant to strengthen the beliefs of the commonwealth and help the society to bond over the community religion. Early in its creation, jewelry was used to convey certain religious meanings. Gold and other various metals and jewels were gifts offered to gods in times of worship. To go along with that belief, humans began to believe that wearing these items would also bring about a large range of powers and blessings. Many of the stones and gems had myths surrounding them and their benefits were hailed all over the world.


Patron Saints are Part of Way of Life

When jewelry first began being created, the forms were very limited. Priests would wear breastplates with religious symbols, but no one else really had anything that was decorative or religious in nature. After a while, upper classes had jewelry and gradually, jewelers began making pieces that were meant to be worn on many different parts of the body. The religious breastplates were still in place on the pieces, but there were many other items being created for the neck and other body parts.

Egypt had some of the very earliest religious jewelry. Some of the most important symbols include the ankh, which is a representation of eternal life, the scarab, which symbolizes good luck and resurrection, and the eye of hours, which symbolizes healing. These symbols were prevalent in some of the earliest pieces of jewelry to be created in Egypt.

Since there is evidence of religious jewelry back to jewelry's earliest days in Egypt, it is safe to say that religious jewelry items have been worn for as far back as jewelry has exited. Throughout history, there have been many different styles and forms of religious jewelry. Because there are many different religions, there are plenty of various symbols and icons found within the jewelry. The most well known religious symbol that has been made into jewelry throughout history is the cross. Buddha, the fish, the Star of David and other symbols are also prevalent throughout history.

There are plenty of ways for spiritual individuals to show their faith. There are multi-religious pieces of jewelry for almost any faith. Buyers can find Jewish, Buddhist, and Catholic religious jewelry quite easily. Christian jewelry is even easier to find in the various religious gifts stores that are spread across the world. With the Christian gift websites available, jewelry of all types and styles can even easily be ordered.

Crosses, though the most prevalent and popular style of religious jewelry, are not the only type that buyers can find. There are plenty of religious medallion jewelry options like saint pendants that people can wear under their clothing for added protection. Men can wear crosses for their religious jewelry, but they can also look at pendants, medals, rings and more. Once a man finds the right pendant, he can add it to a rope or link chain around his neck.

There are plenty of antique religious jewelry options on the market as well. This type of jewelry is often a collector's item and it can be quite expensive. There are many fake antique jewels on the market that can be purchased for much less. If you are not concerned with authenticity and just want the look, the fake antiques are nice to own. As far as real antiques go, there are many different options. You can find gold religious jewelry as well as religious jewelry made from sterling silver. Some of the items even have the two metals combined. It is a good idea to decide on your own specific tastes before looking for an antique piece. Some of the jewelry will also have a semi-precious or full precious stone incorporated into the design.

If you are not an antique collector, of if you cannot afford to spend too much money on jewelry, there are plenty of affordable outlets that have all different types and styles of religious jewelry. There are online Christ gift stores that have wholesale religious jewelry at cheap rates. There are also religious gifts stores in many different communities around the world. If money is not an option and you want something truly unique, there are jewelry designers all over the place that can even create something special for you. At the very least, jewelry specialists should know where to refer you for certain types of jewelry if you are looking for something specific.

If you have a significant collection of religious jewelry, it is a good idea to purchase something in which to keep it safe and protected from the dust and age that years bring. There are plenty of religious jewelry boxes that may be made of wood, glass, or many other materials. Some of these boxes have scriptures engraved on them while others play hymns or special songs when they are opened. Whatever box fits your taste and your jewelry collection is the right box for you.