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Who is My Patron Saint?
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Patron Saints of Christianity


Do you know who your Patron Saint is?

The traditions of patron saints are an important part of the past and current practices of the Catholic Church. Patron saints are canonized men and women who have been called on to intercede between humans and God. Catholics pray to the saints for help. Those who are faithful Catholics often choose a patron saint as part of their confirmation process.

In order to find the right patron saint, a person needs to learn about the patron saints that preside over their specific stage of life or occupation. Once you know more about those saints, you will better be able to choose a saint that can protect you from items that may be of danger to you in your life.

It is important to be specific when choosing a patron saint. There are many saints with the same name so make sure you know which saint you have chosen and do not mistakenly pray to the wrong saint. Read about the lives of the saint and choose a saint whose values you share and would like to continue. Certain saints may also inspire you in some way or another.

Look at the saints who share your first or middle name. These saints could also line up well with your station in life. If you have trouble finding the saint that is best for you, ask your friends and family members about their saints for inspiration. You may find that you resonate with the same saint someone close to you appreciates.


Patron Saints are Part of Way of Life

From the very creation of saints, they have become a way of life among Catholic Christians and many other individuals in the modern culture. It is hard for Catholics to bother God with every little detail of their lives and they feel as if the saints can help God in protecting the humans from certain things and dealing with certain specialized interests and topics.

Saints were all human at one point and they dealt with many of the same issues people calling on them deal with today. It is why people choose patron saints. They choose a saint that they can relate to on some level or another. Choosing the right saint is an important part of making saints a part of life. People can choose a saint that has an interest in their occupation, their family relationship, their special interests or many other aspects of their life. There are enough saints for everyone to be able have a special bond with at least one of them.