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Patron Saints of Christianity


Catholic Patron Saints

Although Christians are monotheistic, meaning they believe in only one true God, Catholic believers also say prayers to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, The Virgin Mary, and a large number of saints. Most religions honor their dead patrons and Christianity, within the Catholic realm, has also placed a certain amount of piety upon some of those saints. It takes a long time for the Catholic Pope to declare a deceased person a saint and they have to meet a certain list of requirements. The saints must have miracles attributed to their name and they must be connected to a certain occupation to which they can be declared a patron. Many saints also are said not to decay after the event of their deaths.

The wearing of religious medals featuring patron saints has a very long history within the church. People wear patron saint medals for protection, assistance, and as a reminder of their faith. Patron saint medals are especially popular with Catholics. These medals are designed with certain features of the saint to help the wearer negotiate before God. There is a certain saying assigned to every occupation and state of human beings. The saint medals were prevalent from the beginning of the church, dating back to the ancient periods. Historians believe that modern society inherited the use of these medals from the Romans and Greeks.

Believers can chose a saint based on a special interest, an occupation, or another area in their life in which they need guidance. The patron saint medals are generally worn as pendants on necklaces, but some people also like to carry the medals around in their pockets or purses so they always have it with them. Most of the medals are made from the popular metals such as bronze, gold, and silver.

Patron saint medals have become an important aspect of Christian and catholic jewelry over the years. The medals are available at online Catholic gifts websites as well as in local Catholic jewelry stores. Giving someone a patron saint medal is a very thoughtful and personal gift. You are telling that person that you care about them and want them to be protected in their occupation, or station in life.

Saints have many different occupations of their own and they specialize in certain areas. It is important to understand those areas in order to choose the right patron saint for yourself or as a gift for someone else.


What are Patron Saints?

The term saint has been used by all Christian denominations, but in the Roman Catholic tradition, it describes a person of great holiness with a certain amount of virtue that has been allowed to intercede with God on humans' behalf. That person is someone who has died and has been officially declared a saint through the process of canonizations. The Catholic Church has an official process that creates saints.

Some saints have official feast days, days that are special celebrations that line up with certain days of the year to honor and celebrate the saint. The feast days came from early Christian customs that were held to honor martyrs on the days they died while celebrating their births into heaven.

There are two different categories of saints: confessors and martyrs. Many patron saints are also martyrs. A person is martyred when they are put to death because of their faith and belief in Christ. Some of these saints were put through very cruel deaths by stoning, burning, or crucifixion. The word martyr comes from a Greek word that, when translated, means witness.

There are many things that people, Catholic and non-Catholics do not know about saints. For example, not all saints are Catholics themselves. All different religions have concept of saints, it is not a Catholic or Christian tradition alone. The original term for saint comes from a Latin word that means consecrated or holy.

Before a person can become a saint on an official level, they have to go through three different stages: nomination, beautification, and canonization. This process can take many years, or even decades. The normal amount of time is around 50 years. There are nine different types of saints including penitents, chaste, married, prophets, patriarchs, confessors, apostles, martyrs, and virgins. Seventy-seven different popes have been made saints over the years.

Patron Saints as Guardians

Patron saints, first and foremost, are supposed to act as guardians. People chose patron saints based on what they need help protecting. If they value their occupations and want special blessing bestowed upon them in their field, they might choose the patron saint who presides over their specific job. If the person is ill, they might choose the patron saint that deals with that specific illness. If someone has a special interest in animals, or a certain organization, they might choose the saint who specializes in that area. There is a patron saint for virtually every aspect of life and that saint can help the person who chooses them guard that portion of their life.

Why Patron Saints are Popular?

Patron Saints, as a whole, are popular with today's Catholic society as well as other aspects of the culture. In today's modern society, everyone could use a little extra help. Patron Saint medals have been popular accessories for people to wear or carry for quite some time. They are a nice item to have a long. Many people get a feeling of comfort from having their patron saint medal with them. People wear medals for any number of reasons. Some people feel connected to the name of the saint and other people want help in their occupation. Some people even wear the saint medals for no reason at all.

It is always nice knowing you have someone on your side. Patron saints have become popular because people can relate to their specialties and enjoy the idea that they can ask for help in certain areas at any time. God is a huge being and it is nice to know that there are patron saints available to help intercede with some of the important issues.