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Myths by Jewel



The most important protective stone and the oldest stone in recorded history.

Blue Lace Agate

This stone is used to create a slam atmosphere and reduce quarrels within a house.

Tree Agate

A stone used to bring fullness and abundance to any aspect of life.

Moss Agate

This power stone is believed to help people get rid of bitterness and left over anger in order to balance emotions.

Eye Agate

Offers protection to people from the evil eye.

Snakeskin Agate

A stone of great power that is used to find lost things. It is very unusual as well.


A stone with high levels of spirituality and guidance in the spiritual realm. It can help open the throat for better communication skills and is often also used as a healing tool.


This stone can help people get in touch with their spiritual side. It is often used for deep meditation events.

Abalone Shell

Represents human emotion, the beauty of change, and offers protection.


This stone helps to balance female energy. It helps people have extra practical thoughts and larger amounts of kindness. The pale azure versions are known as “Hope Stones” and bring extra luck for the wearer’s hopes and dreams.


A stone that can bring a light-hearted feeling of freedom as well as good luck and even happiness. The stone has strong vibrations that cleanse and purify the overall body.


This stone increases a person’s connection to the angel world. It is a powerful stone in terms of brotherhood and overall peace.


This protection stone helps people bring to the conscious things that are unconscious. It can also strengthen the insights of the things that are in the higher levels of consciousness.

Jasper Gemstone Eggs

This is one of the oldest gemstones on record. The multi-colored eggs are stable gemstones that offer powerful amounts of protection.