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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint Odelia

St. Odelia, along with ten other virgins, went on a pilgrimage to the east from England. They were captured by soldiers and taken to Cologne. The women were killed there when they would not renounce their faith or their purity. Odelia's standard motto is "I have chosen the cross." The Paris house of the Crosiers is very important to the history of this particular saint. Legends say that the saint appeared to John of Eppa at that house with a special message. King St. Louis became very interested in the order because it had a great devotion to Christ.

Our Lady of The Assumption

Our Lady of the Assumption is the name bestowed upon Mary due to the belief that her body was taken into heaven at the end of her life. Mary completed the course of her earthly life and then assumed into heavenly glory, both body and soul. Some churches observe a major feast day of August 15th and in most countries, it is also a holy day of obligation. Pope John Paul II quoted John 14:3 in order to understand Mary's assumption. In that passage, Christ makes a pledge and in Catholic theology, Mary is that pledge of fulfillment.


St. Osmund

St. Osmund has the feast day of December 4th. He was a bishop in Salisbury who helped write and compile a Doomsday book. He was born a member of the Norman nobility and he even took part in the Norman Conquest. When he was appointed bishop, he finished the cathedral in the region and started a school for clerics. He even helped the king take a large census, which resulted in the Doomsday Book. He collected books for the cathedral library and also copied and bound books during his lifetime. He was the last English man to be declared a saint for 500 years.

St. Our Lady of Guadalupe

St. Our lady of Guadalupe has the feast day of December 12th. The most important lessons this saint teaches are of faith and understanding that faith. St. Our Lady of Guadalupe is also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe. She is a celebrated Catholic icon relating to the Virgin Mary. When missionaries went to Mexico for the first time, they did not have much luck converting people to Christianity. After an entire generation, only a few hundred people converted. In 1531, miracles began to happen when Jesus' mother started to appear to humble people around the country. The signs she left convinced people that there was something within the Christian faith and six million Mexicans became Christians.

Our Lady of Loreto

The title of Our Lady of Loreto goes to the house of Loreto, a holy house in which Mary was born. This is also the house where the annunciation took place and where an ancient statue was found. Traditional stories say that a group of angles picked the house up from the Holy Land and placed it in Tersato, Dalmatia and then Reananti and finally rested it in Loreto Italy. Because of that flight, the house is the patron saint of aviators. It is the first international shrine that was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and it is often called the Marian center.

Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes is the title given to the Mary apparition that appeared before several different people in and around Lourdes, France. The apparitions started in 1858 when a 14-year-old peasant girl told her mother she saw a lady in a cave a mile from town. Many other appearances of the lady were recorded and in total, she was seen 17 times.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel refers to the name given to the Blessed Virgin Mary as the patron over the Carmelite order. The first Carmelites appeared as Christian hermits who lived around Mount Carmel in the 12th century. They later built a chapel and dedicated it to the Blessed Virgin and they often called her the Lady of the Place.