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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint Maximilian Kolbe

St. Maximilian Kolbe has a feast day of August 14th. He was born in Poland in 1894 and became a Franciscan early in his life. He once contracted tuberculosis and after he recovered, he was never quite the same health-wise. Before he was even ordained as a priest, he founded the Immaculata Movement that has a dedicated devotion to Our Lady. Once he got his degrees, he spread the movement through a magazine and formed a large community of 800 men. Maximilian moved on to Japan and then India to build more monasteries. He continued to have ill health and he was eventually arrested and sent to a concentration camp known as Auschwitz due to political complications. When one prisoner attempted to escape, ten men were sentenced to die. Maximilian offered to take the place of one man, who was a father and husband. He became the patron saint of political prisoners after his canonization.

St. Matthew

St. Matthew has the feast day of September 21st. He was one of the twelve apostles and the author of the very first gospel. Matthew was called to be an apostle while he was collecting taxes. Before he converted, he was a tax collector who was called Levi. There is nothing definite known about Matthew's later life, but traditions tell that he spend some of his fields of labor in Ethiopia. No one knows for certain if he died naturally or was martyred. Matthew wrote his gospel to reach his countrymen within Palestine and because of his past occupation, he became the patron saint of bookkeepers, tax collectors, bankers, and accountants.


St. Matthias

St. Matthias has the feast day of May 14th. After Jesus ascended into heaven, the disciples decided they needed to replace Judas among their ranks. This was a difficult situation because the original twelve had been handpicked by Jesus, but the apostles felt as if they had two men who fit the job description requirements. One of the men was Matthias and he eventually won the rank among the disciples.

St. Maurice

St. Maurice has the feast day of September 22nd. He was an officer in Maximian Herculius' army, which was largely made up of Christians from Egypt. He and his other arm members did not want to sacrifice to gods as the Emperor ordered. When they refused to do so repeatedly, the Emperor had all 6,000 men put to death. The men were encourages by Maurice and his fellow officers.

St. Medard

St. Medard has the feast day of June 8th. He was a bishop who was born in Picardy. After becoming ordained at age 33, he gained fame as a missionary and preacher. He was known for his knowledge and great acts of piety throughout his life, though evidence for his acts as bishop are rather thin. St. Medard is one of the most honored bishops from his time and his memory is popularly celebrated. IT is believed that the weather often changes right around his feast day and he is invoked to fight against bad weather.

St. Methodius

St. Methodius has a feast day of June 14th. He is known as the patriarch of Constantinople, though he was born in Sicily. He went to Rome in 815 and was later exiled when he would not yield to the decree against destructing icons. When he returned, he was imprisoned for over 7 years. After he was released, he rose to the patriarch position and was able to venerate icons. He was also a wonderful writer and helped to unify the churches in the eastern and western portions of the world.

St. Michael

St. Michael has the feast day of September 29th. He is an archangel whose name means "who is like God." He and the good angles fight in the battle of heaven against evil and scriptures refer to him as "a chef prince." He is an obvious leader in the heavenly forces as they triumph over evil. Since he is a great protector, he is the patron saint for police officers and paratroopers.

St. Monica

St. Monica has the feast day of August 27th. She was married to a pagan official in North Africa. The man was much older than her and though she was generous, he had a violent temper. His mother, who lived with them, was difficult as well. Monica had three children and after many years and plenty of prayers, she conversed her husband and even his mother over to Christianity. Her husband died a year after his conversion and two of Monica's three children entered a religious life. Her third child was much more difficult, but he was eventually baptized as well.