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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint John of God

St. John of God has the feast day of March 8th. John was an impulsive boy and then man and his greatest challenged was to rush ahead and follow every notion he got from the Holy Spirit. Whenever John made a decision, even if it seemed impulsive, he would stick with the idea even if it was hard. He ran away with a traveling priest at the age of 8 and never saw his family again. After he fell ill during their journeys, he settled into a town and became a shepherd. When he began to feel pressure to marry, he joined the Spanish army and warred against France. He took part in all of the normal soldier antics, but when he realized his life was on the line, he made a vow to change. Once the war was over, John changed his life and repented of his sins and formers ways. He contemplated what God would want for his life and spent the rest of his days following the Holy Spirit's promptings.


St. John of Nepomuk

St. John of Nepomuk drowned in the Vlatava River on the order of King Wenceslaus from Rome. Some of the accounts about him say that he was the confessor to a Bohemian queen and would not tell those who asked any of the secrets she revealed in the confessional. He became a patron against calamities like floods because of how he died and he was also assigned discretion and slander because of the way he protected his confessional duties.

St. John of The Cross

St. John of the cross has a feast day of December 14th. He was born in 1542 and he learned about unconditional love and self-sacrifice first from his parents. His father gave up his status and wealth to marry a weaver's daughter and after he passed away, his mother searched high and low for work to keep the family fed. John took these examples of sacrifice and attributed them to his own great love of God. John went hungry, even when he began caring for hospital patients. He found happiness in the beauty of his suffering and placed his trust in God and not in anything the world had to offer. Eventually, John joined the Carmelites and was asked to help reform the movement. Some of the members did not like the reform ideas and had John kidnapped. Though he was in a small, dark, cold cell, his faith and love for God was like a light and a fire. He had nothing but God and that was enough. After 9 months, John escaped the cell and continued sharing the experience of God's love. John was known for his dwelling thoughts on God and therefore, he was assigned as the patron saint of contemplatives

St. John The Apostle

St. John the Apostle has a feast day of December 27th. He was the son of Zebedee and brother of St. James. In the first year of his ministry, Christ called John as a disciple and be became the beloved disciple. He was the only one of the twelve who did not turn away from Christ before his death. He remained faithful at the foot of the cross and Christ made him the guardian over the Blessed Virgin Mary. He went on to found many churches throughout Asia. He lived to a very old age and is supposed by many to be the author of Revelation in the Bible.

St. John The Baptist

St. John the Baptist has a feast day of June 24th. He was the son of a priest, born just southwest of Jerusalem. The angel Gabriel told his father that his wife would have a son, even though she was very old. John lived in the desert of Judea as a hermit until he was 30 when he began preaching on the banks of the Jordan. He called people to repent and be baptized and he attracted many large crowds. When Christ appeared in one of the crowds, John recognized him immediately and baptized him. Herod began to fear John's power and had him arrested. He was beheaded, but he still continued to inspire followers of Christ. He was often called the "Lamb of God," which is why he was named the patron saint of lambs as well as baptism.