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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint James The Apostle

St. James has a feast day of July 25th. James started out the day he met Jesus like any other day. He fished and mended nets. The first thing James noticed about Jesus was that he had authority and was able to cure people. He dropped everything in his life and followed Jesus. It seems evident that during their time together, James held a special place in Jesus' heart. He was one of the twelve apostles and he had a faith and commitment level unlike many others. Even with the apostles, James was special. He only allowed James and two others to see him raise Jairus' daughter and when he went to the mountain to pray, James was among the few he took along. Since he was singled out in these ways, it is assumed that James was a special, close, and respected friend of Christ. Legends tell that James evangelizes in Spain, Chile and other countries before he died, which is why Chile assigned James as their patron saint.


St. Jacinta Marta

St. Jacinta Marta was two of three children who had visions of the Blessed Mother around 1916 in Portugal. The children were blessed by angel visitations and even the form of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They received messages for the world and witnessed several different miracles. Because of those visions and because Jacinta was a shepherd of Fatima, the child was canonized as a saint.

St. Januarius

St. Januarius has the feast day of September 19th. He was born in Italy and became a bishop during a time of great persecution. When he went to visit a couple of deacons and laymen in prison, he was imprisoned himself. The group was eventually thrown to wild beasts, but the animals did not attack them. They were later beheaded instead. A portion of what is believed to be Januarius' blood still lies in Naples as a relic. When it is exposed within the cathedral, it bubbles and liquefies, much to scientists' curiosity. Because of this miracle, Januarius has been made the patron saint of blood banks and volcanoes.

St. Jerome

St. Jerome has the feast day of September 30th. He became one of the most educated fathers within the western church. He was born in 342 in a small town and his father, who was a Christian, instructed him well before sending him to Rome. He had a great skill or oratory and would have made a fine lawyer. While he read his books, he considered the many different worldly views that were presented. Though he had plenty of pagan influences all around him, he decided to become a Christian and was baptized in 360. Because of his love for books, he became the patron saint of librarians and students.

St. Jerome Emiliani

St. Jerome Emiliani has the feast day of February 8th. He was once a military commander in Venice who was in charge of a large fortress. When Venice's enemies captured the fortress, he was imprisoned. During his time in the dungeon, he let go of all of his worldly attachments and turned towards God. He escaped from the prison and returned home to study to be a priest. Once he was a priest, he committed the rest of his life to helping others. He sought out orphans in other cities and created shelters for them. This is why he was made the patron saint of orphans.