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Who is My Patron Saint?
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Patron Saints Starting with 'H'

Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint Hilary

St. Hilary has a feast day of January 13th. He was made famous for her saying, "They didn't know who they were" in relation to the problems with heretics in the 4th century. Hilary, however, knew exactly who he was; a child of God who had eternal life through Christ. He was raised as a Christian but felt as if he had a great desire to find out more about the gift of life. He wanted to lead a virtuous life and often said if he did not, he would feel guilty and be very unhappy. He wanted to spend his life looking for the gift giver of life and ways to get closer to him. He was elected a bishop to a French laity where he served the population with a special kind of grace. He was eventually banished over an Arian controversy and he took the time to study and write more aspects and thought of theology.

St. Herbert

St. Herbert has the feast day of October 30th. He was a bishop and archbishop within France during his life, but not many other details of his existence are available. His birth and death dates are unknown, but he was said to be a bishop during a time of great droughts. Because of his prayers for the people who suffered, be became the patron saint of drought relief.


St. Holy Innocents

The holy innocents have been claimed as the very first martyrs. The massacre of Innocents was a story of infanticide that was carried out by the King of Judea known as Herod the Great. The event takes place in the book of Matthew when Herod orders every male child killed within Bethlehem so he would not lose his thrown to the newborn that was acclaimed as the King of the Jews. The incident fulfills prophecy from the Old Testament and the infants became known as the holy innocents. Some records show that there were more than 10,000 killed, but other, more conservative records say there was only several dozen. Because of their innocence, the children were made patron saints of babies, foundlings, and choirboys.

St. Hubert

St. Hubert was the first bishop of Liege. He was widely celebrated during the Middle Ages and the pictures that go along with his likeness are greatly entangled with the legends that surround him. Hubert was the oldest son of a Duke and as a young boy, he was sent to the Neustrian court. He was very charming and was allowed the dignity of Count of the Palace. He became addicted to the chase for nobility, but after his wife died later trying to give birth to their son, he left the court and decided to give himself over entirely to hunting. His spiritual revelation was imminent and while the faithful were in church and he was hunting, he saw a crucifix within a shadow and heard a voice telling him to turn to the Lord. Because he was so in love with hunting, he became the patron saint of hunters.