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Who is My Patron Saint?
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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint Giles

St. Giles was a Greek hermit who came from Athens. His legend is centered on Provence and his tomb has become a pilgrimage destination. He is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. He lives in the greatest of solitude and kept only the companion of a deer. Some stories even say that he survived on the deer's milk. He was discovered by the king's hunters who shot the deer but wounded the saint instead. The king recognized the humility of the hermit and built a monastery for him where he later died with a reputation for miracles and sanctity. Because he chose to be poor and later became disabled, he was made the patron saint of beggars and the disables.


St. Gregory The Great

St. Gregory the Great is also known as Pope Gregory I. He was the pope starting in 590 and running until his death. He is very well known for his poetic writings that were much more prolific and powerful than any of the popes before him. He was also often called "The Father of Christian Worship" because he made great efforts to revise the style of the Roman worship. Sometimes he is even called "The Dialogist" because he was a great teacher. Gregory was the first of many popes to have a monastic background. He was canonized quickly after his death by popular acclaim. Because of his poetic writings and his history as a student and great teacher, he became the patron saint of students, teachers, and musicians.

St. Godeberta

St. Godeberta has the feast day of April 11th. She was an abbess who led a religious life within a convent. King Clotaire III even built her a convent of her own. She was often seen as a miracle worker who could sometimes stop raging fires and other plagues. Because of the miracles attributed to her name, she became the patron saint of drought relief and other epidemics.