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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint Francis de Sales

St. Francis de Sales has a feast day of January 24th. He was born in France in 1567 and everyone who spoke of him recognized that he was a patient man. He knew he was supposed to be a priest for 13 years before he told his family. He father wanted him to become a soldier, so he followed that path. Then, his father wanted him to get a doctorate of law and he did that too. All the while, he also studied theology and prayed. Francis did not want to push his will upon God and though he wanted to be a priest, he wanted the time to be right. God made his will clear to Francis when he was riding one day and fell from his horse three times. Each time he fell, his sword came to rest on the ground along with his scabbard in the shape of a cross. Part of why Francis waited is because he wasn't a natural born pastor. His preaching left something to be desired, but he became a champion advocate for the Catholic faith. Due to his patience, he began to realize that when he wrote out his sermons and copied them, they had much greater affect. These writings are the first forms of religious tracts in history. Due to his creative invention for revealing religious statements to the masses, Francis became the patron saint of writers and authors.


St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi has a feast day of October 4th. He was the founder of a Franciscan order who was born in 1181. A year after his birth, his father returned from a trip to France and found that his wife had had their son. He was very mad because while he was gone, his done had been baptized. His father did not want a man of God, he wanted a man of business. He named his son from Giovanni to Francesco, which was basically like calling him Frenchman. Francis has a rich and easy life due to his father's wealth and everyone loved him. He was a happy, natural born leader with plenty of charm. If he was sick, people cared for him and if he complained, they excused him. He was a little dreamy and did not do very well in school, but he became a leader of a crowd who spend evenings participating in parties. Francis lives in sin and fulfilled his father's dreams by falling in love with France. He was very good at business, but he always wanted more than just wealth. When he decided he wanted glory and nobility, he went to war against Perugia. He never ventured far from Assisi, however, because he had a dream that God told him the war was wrong and he needed to go home. He went home and was ridiculed as a coward. He passed time at home riding through the countryside and enjoying the animals and the views. He took time to find himself and this led to his conversion. He even heard God tell him to repair his church, which he attempted to do with the rest of his life.

St. Francis of Paola

St. Francis was born in Italy and was educated in a friary within the country. His feast day is April 2nd and he was just 15 when he decided to become a hermit near the city of his birth. Two of his companions started a foundation that is the basis for the Minim Friars. Francis himself built a monastery where he led an eremitical life and set Rules for his followers. Those rules included humility, charity, fasting, penance, and much more. He has many miracles to his credit and he was insightful enough to see into man's hearts. He established many foundations in the southern portions of Italy throughout his long life.

St. Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier has the feast day of December 3rd. He was born to a family in a castle within Spain. He went to school in Paris and then met the men who founded the Society of Jesus. He left Paris to join the group and then tended to missionaries in Palestine. He was later ordained and the pope formally recognized the Society. The group took many voyages to other countries in order to show the natives how to adopt Christian customs. Because of his own mission work in foreign lands, Francis was named the patron saint of Missions on a foreign level.