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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint Felicity

St. Felicity's feast day is March 7th. She is one of the few saints that have a record of her life in its entirety. So many of the saints only have legends surrounding them. St. Felicity is often closely related to St. Perpetual. The two made the decision to become Christians in 203, though they knew it would likely mean they would be persecuted and killed. Felicity began pregnant and it was illegal for pregnant women to be executed. She was afraid that she would not have the baby before her martyrdom, but she went into labor two days before her execution. She had a baby girl who was raised by a Christian woman in Carthage. Some of the prison officers began to recognize the powers of the Christians and even follow their leadership. Sometimes, they were allowed to have visitors and the warden even later became a Christian because of their strength. Felicity was made a patron saint of barren women because she thought she could not have children, but she eventually birthed a daughter just before her death.


St. Ferdinand III

St. Ferdinand III has a feast day of May 30th. He was the son of the King of Leon and was declared king of Castile himself at the young age of 18. His mother advised him during his reign and he married a woman by the name of Princess Beatrice. They had seven sons and three daughters, but Ferdinand's father turned against him and tried to take over his kingdom. Later in their lives, the father and son reunited and fought together against the Moors. Ferdinand was known to pray and fast in preparation for war and he was very devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He founded a cathedral and was known as a great administrator and a man of faith. He also founded many hospitals, monasteries and churches during his reign and because of his organizational skills, he became the patron saint of engineers.

St. Fiacre

St. Fiacre has the feast day of September 1st. He is not mentioned in the early Irish calendars, but he supposedly was born in Ireland and later sailed over to France. He lived a solitary life in the forest and did his own gardening with the small amount of tools he had. He cleared the ground around him and built a memorial for the Blessed Virgin as well as a hospice for travelers that came through the area. Many people went to him for advice as well as relief from their struggles. Hs charity made him a cheerful man and he entertained anyone that came his way. Because he loved his gardens and lived from the fruits of his labors, he was made the patron saint of gardeners.