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Who is My Patron Saint?
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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint Elizabeth of Portugal

St. Elizabeth has a feast day of July 4th. She was a Spanish princess who was given away in marriage to the King of Portugal when she was just 12. She was beautiful and endearing, but she was also a devout Catholic who went to mass every day. She was a holy wife and her husband looked upon her fondly at first, but later, she was a cause of great suffering. Though the King was a good ruler, he was not as virtuous as his wife. He took part in many scandals in his life. He began to feel as if Elizabeth made him look bad and he even became jealous of her relationship with God. After Elizabeth was falsely accused and cleared, the kind began to live a better life. He apologized to his wife for the event in front of everyone and gave her a much greater respect. She became a wonderful model of kindness for the poor and also a great peacemaker for families and nations. For these reasons, she became the patron saint against war, jealousy, and adultery.


St. Elmo

St. Erasmus, also often called St. Elmo has a feast day of June 2nd. He was a bishop in Italy who went through martyrdom early in the persecution of Christians under Diocletian. During the persecution, he fled to Mount Lebanon and lived in solitude for some time. It is said that he was fed by a raven. Once the emperor discovered where he was hiding, he was tortured and imprisoned. The story tells that angels released him and he departed once again, but he eventually met a martyr's death. Legend tells that blue lights appear before a mast prior to a storm and this is called St. Elmo's fire. That means that the saint will protect the boat.

St. Eustachius

St. Eustachius has a feast day of September 20th. Before his conversion he was known as Placidus. He was a nobleman who was put to death in Rome due to his faith. He and his wife and two sons were also killed after the entire family converted to Christianity. St. Eustachius, because he was of noble blood, had a great deal of experience in hunting. He felt his nobility needed to triumph over all other aspects of his life. Except the noble causes were to be dedicated to Christ and not to human means. He dedicated his life to generous actions in the name of Christ, even under sufferings and afflictions from society.