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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint Dominic De Guzman

St. Dominic was also sometimes called Dominic of Osma or Dominic de Guzman. He founded the Friaries Preachers, also often called the Dominicans of Order of Preachers. This Catholic religious order was intended to spread the gospel by training preachers to speak in an eloquent manner. Dominic was born in Spain and named after another patron saint. His parents are not named in any story, but before his birth, legends tell that his mother dreamed that a dog carrying a torch in its mouth leapt from her womb. This story is likely the reason that the Dominican order was is often interpreted to mean Dog of the Lord. Dominic was educated in Palencia and devoted several years to art and theology after his schooling was complete. Because he was always in awe of the stars throughout his life, he was made the patron saint of astronomers.


St. Dymphna

St. Dymphna has a feast day of May 15th. She was just 14 when her mother died. Her father was said to have some sort of mental illness that was brought on by the grief of her mother's passing. He sent messengers throughout the regional towns looking for a woman who resembled his wife and would be willing to marry him. They never found such a woman and evil advisers told him he should marry his daughter instead. Dymphna fled her home to prevent that from happening, but her father found her in Belgium. He tried to persuade her to return to Ireland, but she refused. He cut off her head at the age of 15. Because of her father's illness, she became the patron saint of the mentally ill as well as those who suffer from epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

St. Dunstan

St. Dunstan has the feast day of May 19th. He was born to a noble family in England and educated by Irish monks as a youth. He became a monk himself when his uncle ordained him in 934 and he became a hermit for a time. He was later called to the royal court by King Edmund and he developed a create center of learning and revitalized many of the monasteries in the area. He served as an advisor to many powerful people and he never hesitated to reprimand and correct those people. Because of his rich background, he was made the patron saint of goldsmiths, blacksmiths and musicians, all people who make rich items of beauty and sound.