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Who is My Patron Saint?
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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint David

St. David has a feast day of March 1st. According to tradition, St. David was an ordained priest and the song of King Sant from the South Wales. He was greatly involved in missionary work and created a large number of monasteries. He never allowed himself or the monks underneath him to drink wine, beer, or any other drink. They only had water. St. David had wonderful spiritual leadership qualities and his teachings still work well for those who want to pray more often.


St. Denis

St. Denis was the bishop of Paris in the 3rd century. He was martyred during the Decian persecution of Christians around 250 AD. His head was cut off, but the legend tells that shortly after that event, he got up and walked 6 miles preaching a sermon the whole way. In France, he has been assigned as one of the 14 Holy Helpers. During his life, he alarmed pagans by converting many over to Christianity. Because his head was removed and he continued to preach, he was made the patron saint against headaches.

St. Dominic Savio

St. Dominic Savio lived only 15 short years. He was born in Italy in 1842 and when he was four, he disappeared. His mother found him around the corner, praying with his hands folded and his head bowed. He knew all of the ordinary prayers by heart and by the age of 5, he was a frequent altar boy. At 7, he received his first communion and he chose "Death, but not sin," as his motto. As a teenager, Dominic struggled to keep his innocence along with an extraordinary love for God. Everyone in his schools saw that he was different in the way that he prayed and acted. Because young boys often tried to pin their bad deeds on the pious Dominic, he was made patron saint of falsely accused people as well as choirboys due to his age and position within the church.

St. Dismas

St. Dismas has a feast day of March 25th. The only thing that is known about Dismas for certain is that he was the good thief that was crucified alongside Christ at Calvary. The other thief is usually called Gestas. In the myths from the Arabic people, Dismas was very popular in the West during the Middle Age era. He even held up the Holy Family on the way over to Egypt at one point. Dimas was said to bribe Gestas not to hurt the family and when he hung next to Christ, he repented of his evil ways. Since Dismas knew prison well and did plenty to deserve spending time in one, he became the patron saint of prisoners so that they too could seek redemption.

St. Didacus

St. Didacus has a feast day of November 13th. He was a native to the town called San Nicolas of del Puerto and a part of the diocese of Seville. He was born to poor parents and they consented to Didacus living with a holy priest in the town nearby. He imitated the priest's way of life at a very young age and later in his life, he went to a convent after returning home for a short time. He continued to instruct and convert lay members and he lived in several different friaries over his years of service. His devotion and duty impressed his superiors as well as the lay members. Since he was good at relating to average people of faith, he was made the patron saint of the Franciscan Lay.