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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint Claude

St. Claude was an abbot for 55 years before dying. He created many flourishing sculptures during his time as an abbot and he was also well known for being a missionary and ascetical writer. He had noble parents, who he left to enter the Society of Jesus. After 15 years of such religious living, he vowed to pertain the most perfect life possible and observe every faithful rule he could. Those who lived alongside him attested that he kept the vow to exact measures. He escaped death on one occasion and was instead condemned to an exile in 1679. He spent the last two years of his life as a spiritual director to youth members of a Jesuit community.


St. Clement I

St. Camillus' feast day is July 18th. He was born in Italy and for against the Turks alongside the Venetians. In his early life, he was addicted to gambling and that rendered him penniless after the battled were complete. When his leg became diseased, he devoted himself to caring for the sick instead of fighting in battles. He became the director of a large hospital in Rome and enlarged their facilities and staff members over his years of service. He was canonized in 1748 and declared the patron saint of the sick along with hospitals and nurses in general.

St. Columba

St. Columba has a feast day of June 9th. He was born in 521 in Ireland as part of a royal family. He studied at a monastery and was ordained before he was 25. For the next 15 years, he preached and set up various foundations. He felt responsible, in part for a family feud that resulted in 3,000 deaths and he left Ireland for the small island of Iona near Scotland. He built a monastery there, which quickly became famous all over the world. He died well into his 70s and is best known for the religious poems he left behind, which is why he is the patron saint of poets today.

St. Cosmas & Damian

St. Cosmas and Damian were brothers from Arabia. Their feast day is September 26th. They were very well known for their skill in both science and medicine. Since they were Christians, they felt as if they were not to take any money for their services. Those they helped held them in the highest esteem and they became prominent in their region. When persecution broke out, they were tortured and killed. They became patron saints of pharmacists, surgeons, and physicians because of their knowledge of science and medicine.

St. Contardo Ferrini (Bl)

St. Contardo Ferrini was born in Italy in 1859. He was baptized as an infant and received Holy Communion when he turned 12. After that time, he joined the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament. Contardo's father was a math and science professor and he taught his son many things at an early age, including several different languages. Contardo entered the University at the age of 17 and two years later, he was appointed Dean of Students. He got a doctor of law degree by the age of 21 and continued his studies in order to become nationally recognized in the field of Roman-Byzantine law. His first professorship came at the young age of 26. His writings and knowledge regarding religious issues became very well known. He was a very intelligent man and his studies in school prove that fact over and over again. Once he was canonized, he became the patron saint of Universities due to his love of learning.

St. Cyril

St. Cyril has a feast day of June 27th. He was a doctor and a bishop of the church who was born in Egypt. His nephew, Theophilus, was the patriarch of the city of Alexandria where he lived. Cyril had a classical education including theology and his uncle ordained him. After some political movements, a riot broke out between people who supported Cyril and those who did not. He began preaching against all of those who made false claims such as people who said Mary was not the mother of God. Cyril was one of the most brilliant theologians in the Alexandrian tradition and his main goal was to unit churched under one true belief system. Because of this goal, he came the patron of unity between the eastern and western churches.