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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint Andrew

St. Andrew has the feast day of November 30th. He and his brother Simon Peter were fishermen who became disciples of John the Baptist. When Andrew met Jesus after John pointed him out as the Lamb of God, he realized that Jesus was a greater man than John. He left John and followed Jesus closely. He is considered to be the first disciple of Christ and he later brought his brother along on the journey. The brothers continued to carry on their fishing vocations, but later, Jesus told them to stay with him at all times. Once Jesus ascended into heaven, Andrew traveled to Greece to spread the gospel. He was put to death on a cross, but he was tied to the cross and not nailed to it like Christ. Two countries, Scotland and Russia, have chosen Andrew as their patron saint and he is also the patron saint of fishermen, due to his original occupation.


St. Anastasius

There is little known about St. Anastasius, who is also often called the Elder to distinguish her from the other St. Anastasia. St. Anastasius of Goldsmiths was martyred along with others under the Valerian persecution in 249 A.D.

St. Anne

St. Anne, also known as St. Hanna, was a direct descendant of David and the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. That makes her the grandmother to Jesus Christ within both the Islamic and Christian traditions. She is often referred to as St. Anne, but her Hebrew name is Hanna. Mary's mother's name is not in the Bible, but historians believe she is Mary's mother. Anne did not receive much attention within the church until the late 12th century. She is now often described as the forbear of God and there are many legends that surround her life and her birthing of Mary. Since she is most well known for being mother to the Mother of God, she is the patron saint of housewives, women in labor, mothers, and pregnant women. Canada has also chosen her as its own patron saint for the country as a whole.

St. Andronicus

St. Andronicus has a feast day of October 9th. He was a hermit during the 5th century who was known for being a silversmith within Egypt. Andronicus and his wife lost two children to a local plague, after which they began hermits in the desert. The saint's wife dressed as a man and lived separately from Andronicus. In fact, the saint didn't not even recognize his wife when they were reunited 12 years later. St. Andronicus was made the patron saint of silversmiths because it was his original occupation.

St. Angelico

St. Angelico was an Italian painter during the early portion of the Renaissance. He combined his life as a friar with his talents as a painter. He was called Angelico (which means blessed or angelic in Italian) because all of his paintings depicted calm, religious subjects. Angelico himself was known to have great personal piety and his great career included many wonderful works of art. Many of Angelico's pieces of art became altarpieces or other artwork that was held in important positions within the church. It is easy to see why he was made the patron saint of artists upon his canonization.