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Patron Saints of Christianity


Patron Saint Adelard

Every major world religion has similar thoughts on love. Humans can benefit from spiritual practices and become better people as a whole. Most of the major religions also teach that people can perfect their minds, speech, and even bodies through their religious beliefs. The belief systems teach that we are not to steal, kill, and lie and so on. Overall, religion wants its followers to be selfless. The difference comes in how this selflessness is achieved. The way that Jesus taught his values was with a sincere form of love with enough kindness toward every person he met to show a true form of compassion. He shared with anyone and everyone while tolerating even those who railed against him. There are several things that get in the way of these principles during any human life. Those troublemakers include impatience, hatred, jealousy and many others. Humans may succeed on a temporary basis but no one will ever perfect sincerity, compassion, love and all of the other principles Jesus taught. The idea behind Christianity is that if you love God, you need to try your best to follow in Jesus footsteps in these ways.


St. Agatha

St. Agatha has been assigned the Feast day of February 5th. There is evidence that Agatha was celebrated as far back as the 6th century, but the only facts that are known about her are that she dies a martyr and was born in Sicily. There are plenty of legends regarding her life, however, and the stories always surround the fact that she led a life dedicated to God. Agatha, as legend tells it, belonged to a very important, rich family. Agatha gave her life to God at a young age and resisted any men that wanted her to marry them. One of those men, who was also very powerful, knew she was a Christian so he had her arrested and brought before a judge. Everyone expected her to give in rather than face torture and death, but she affirmed her faith and prayed in front of the court. The judge had her sentenced to a brothel and after several months, her case was reassessed. She still proclaimed her faith and after that, she was tortured. Because one form of torture was cutting off her breasts, she helps prevent breast disease as a saint.

St. Agnes

St. Agnes has a feast day of January 21st. She was a young girl of just 13 years old when she was martyred due to her faith. Agnes promised God that she would not allow anything to stain her purity. Her love for God was great and she decided she did not want to sin, even if that meant she had to die. Agnes was a beautiful young girl and many men wanted to marry her but she claimed that Jesus was the only spouse she wanted. The governor's son got very mad when Agnes refused his proposals, even after he tried to win her over with gifts and promises. In his anger, he accused her of being a Christian in front of his father, the Governor. The Governor then offered Agnes a multitude of gifts to change her mind about God, all of which she refused. She was placed in chains and condemned to death and she still clung to her faith. Agnes, since she was a virgin like Mary, became the patron saint of the many Children of Mary and other young girls like herself.