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Gifts of Faith for Wedding


Gifts for Wedding

Christmas is one of the most special days in the Christian faith and it is also one of the most important holidays worldwide, though not everyone celebrates it for the same reason as Christians. Christmas is observed on December 25th in honor of Jesus’ birthday. Jesus exact birthday is unknown, but his year of birth was likely between 7 and 2 BC. Christmas may have been set for December 25thA wedding ceremony takes place when two people are joined together and united in marriage. Wedding traditions vary quite a bit between various religions, countries, cultures, and ethnic groups. Most ceremonies include some type of vow exchange between the couple and also a presentation of a gift such as a run, flowers, or another symbolic item. An authority figure such as a priest or pastor will preside over the ceremony and publicly proclaim the marriage official at the end of the ceremony. Special garments are worm for the ceremony, which is often followed by a reception so the guests can congratulate the newly married couple. Many cultures have adopted the traditional custom of having a white wedding, during which the bride wears a veil and a white dress. This tradition became popular due to Queen Victoria’s wedding. The wedding ring has also been a long standing tradition, though its original origin is unclear. Some historians believe it is a modern invention, especially since the groom’s wedding bands did not appear as a custom until the 20th century. After the wedding, the bride and groom gather with guests at a reception during which there may be toasts, first dances, and the cutting of the traditional wedding cake.

It is customary for the guests to bring gifts to the newly married couple to help them start their new life together. Most couples register at certain stores and guests can simply visit those stores and buy something on the registry. If there is no registry or if you want to buy something off the list, here are several ideas:


Money or Gift Cards

When you give the new couple money, you may be helping them acquire something big. Many young couples are already saving to buy a house, a car, or some other large item. They may also have debts like student loans they want to pay off before starting a family. Money can help the couple enjoy their honeymoon or buy an item them really want. For a more personalized gift, buy a gift card to a restaurant or a store that the couple really enjoys. These gifts may seem impersonal, but they are often favorites of new couples. To make it more personalized, you can include a card with a detailed letter of advice for marriage, or wishes you have for the couple as they start their new life together.

Sentimental Religious Gifts

A couple of faith will want to continue to grow their relationship with God as they bond together as a newly married couple. Gifts of personalized Bibles for their new house, couple’s devotional books, Christian music, or even religious jewelry can help them remember that the center of their life should always be God. You can buy the bride a diamond cross pendant or cross earrings and the groom a patron saint medal. Decide what types of religious gifts are best based on the personality of the couple. Wall hangings for their new joint house are nice as well or perhaps even an angel statue to watch over them in their new life.


Wonderful Keepsakes to Cherish

Consider giving the bride and groom an elegant, meaningful keepsake that will be cherished. Appropriate and ever lasting selections from scriptures is ideal for a wedding couple. More thoughtful and inspirational gift ideas include scripture clocks, wall art and picture frames that can be uplifting. Christian home decor, Scripture Candles, wall crosses and tote bags. How about paper or digital books on wedding vows including children and blended family wedding vows or even create your own spectacular wedding vows and ceremony? If the bride loves Christian music and has a favorite group, you can get her a collection of all their CDs. Pick a religious gift that celebrates their faith is a very appropriate wedding gift. Since most bridal registries do not include unique home decor items, gifting the couple a beautiful Christian gift is a great way to give them something they’ll enjoy but could not ask for through a traditional registry.