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Gifts of Faith for First Communion


About First Communion

Catholic churches do plenty to help parents prepare themselves and their children for their very First Communion. This rite of passage is one of the most important sacraments a child can receive. First Communion is the celebration of the child's very first time receiving the holy Eucharist. The celebration generally takes place during a special Mass that is held in the spring around the second grade year for each child. The child will have to meet several requirements in order to take his or her first communion. First, he will have to have been baptized. It is also a tradition for the child to prepare for the event by undergoing a sacrament of penance during the week prior to the communion. In this week the child confesses his sings to the priest and gets penance requirements that have to be fulfilled before the event. The child also has to understand that the bread and wine that are used in the communion are different than other foods because they change into the body and blood of Christ during the ceremony and liturgy. That means that communion ritual is a sacred rite of passage that must be taken seriously. The child must fast for a full hour before receiving communion and for every communion they receive from then on. They should also attend Mass each week after they have their First communion unless they have a very good reason to have missed.


First Communion Rosaries

These beads have Eucharist themes that can help the child remember their first communion and treat the day and every communion after with a special reverence. Overall, the rosary is one of the most significant and recognized forms of prayer within the Catholic Church. It is a great, traditional gift for First communion. Rosaries that are made especially for this even are a bit different because they have a chalice or other symbols of the Eucharist at the center of the rosary. Girl's rosaries for this even are generally pink, crystal, white, or multicolored while boy rosaries are brown, blue, black or other dark colors.

First Communion Jewelry

There are many items, especially for girls, which can help commemorate the special occasion of their First Communion. The jewelry could include a cross necklace, a crucifix, a locket, a sacramental charm bracelet, a religious medal, a patron saint charm or man other items. For boys, the scapular medal is a nice piece of jewelry that has many deep meanings.

First Communion Mass Book

A mass book is a very thoughtful and useful gift for a First Communion. The mass book will help the child follow along with the various traditions, prayers and liturgies that are involved in a mass. They also provide additional items such as scripture stories and special prayers. Many of the mass books for this particular event also help the child gain a better understanding of First Communion itself.

Many more Thoughtful Gifts

A child's first communion represents a milestone in his or her life as a Christian and marks the point at which that individual becomes a full participant in the community itself

A beautiful picture album or frame to hold these beautiful memories is a great idea. Choose a frame with First Communion ties such as special verses or Eucharist symbols. Since first Communion is such a special event, there will likely be plenty of pictures of the family celebration to place in a special album.


About First Communion

Girls generally wear white dresses that are sold just for the First Communion occasion. They also wear white dress shoes. Some even wear gloves and veils, but those items are optional. Boys usually wear a dress suit and nice shoes.

Children that are going to receive communion for the first time will usually be involved in a processional at the beginning of the service. They sit in reserved seats and the communion is inserted into an otherwise traditional Mass service. After the service, family and friends often gather around the children and celebrate with a meal and gifts for the child.

There are many different gifts that are appropriate for a first communion. Since the event is a huge rite of passage within the Catholic Church, religious gifts are the best items to consider. First Communion is considered the most significant event in the life of a Catholic Child. The gifts given during that event could very well be held as special and significant through many years of life.