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Gift Ideas for Baptism


Important Ocassion of Baptism

The word baptism has been defined as a ceremonial ablution, especially within the Christian ordinance. The origin of the word means to whelm or to cover fully with fluids. The very first baptism that was mentioned in the Bible was in the third chapter of Matthew. There was never a mention of the ritual in the Old Testament at all. Though it was only first mentioned in the New Testament, a similar word that meant 'wash' was often mentioned in the Old Testament. Ceremonial washing often took place in the Old Testament in order to cleanse people or things from sins in order to cause purification and change. John the Baptist said he started baptizing people because the Spirit came in the form of a dove from Heaven and told him that he was sent to baptize by water. It seems as if John the Baptist baptized by having the person stand in the water and then fully immersing them under the water. Jesus often spoke about two different kinds of baptism, one that was completed with water and another that occurred by and with the Holy Spirit.

Baptism is one of the most important Christian rituals within the major world religion. It requires the application of immersion by water, a special blessing, and the following pronouncement: 'I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.' Some churches baptize adults as well as infants while other churches think that baptism can only truly be performed on adults.

There are many different views on baptism, but every Christian church agrees that it is an important aspect of the Christian faith. Whenever such a momentous occasion takes place, family and friends of the baptized child or adult feel they should bring some sort of special gift or token to commemorate the day. The best baptism gifts have some semblance of religion woven into them since, in essence, the celebration is due to a very religious rite of passage. There are many different gifts from which to choose, but the best are generally personalized, sentimental, and religious at the same time. Some such gifts may also be practical.


Bible and Other Religious Books

A Bible or other religious books Depending on the age of the person baptized, books of this nature may be the perfect gift. Even a young child can enjoy a colorful picture Bible. Even if the child is not old enough to read, they may like a book about their baptism later in life as well. There are plenty of Christian books from which to choose, many of which specialize in the baptism occasion.

The Bible is any one of the collections of the primary religious texts of Judaism and Christianity. The complete Christian Bibles range from the 66 books of the Protestant canon to the 81 books of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Bible. The Hebrew and Christian Bibles are also important to other Abrahamic religions, including Islam and the Bahai Faith.

Rosary Beads

Rosary beads are similar to jewelry, but they have even more significance. These beads are something the child may use for many years to help them grow closer to God in their faith through prayer. The idea that they first received these beads because of the event of their baptism will only make them special.

Religious Jewelry

A child's first cross necklace or religious bracelet is very special, even if she is too young to wear it yet. The item can be kept for her for when she grows up and fully understands its meaning. There are even plenty of religious children jewelry options for young children from which to choose alongside other religious children gifts.

Religious Personalized Gifts

Things such as music boxes with scriptures, Bibles with name engravings, or other items that have the child's personal name or a special message on it are often very dear to that person later in life. These items are something they will likely always remember in terms of who gave it to them and why.

Religious Wall Hangings and Gifts for Home

The cross that hangs on a person's wall can be something that brings about wonderful memories every time it is seen. If a child receives a cross to hang on his wall after his baptism, it could be an item that he moves from room to room throughout the rest of his life. The wall hanging is significant in many different ways.