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Gift of Faith for Confirmation


Confirmation - The Rite of Initiation

Confirmation, for many different Christian denominations, is one of the rites of initiation that allow the person to become a full member of the church. It is more important to membership qualifications in protestant churches than in the Catholic Church because Catholics believe a person is fully a member upon the day of their baptism. The idea behind confirmation is to teach young adults more about the church and their faith so that they can then willingly accept the beliefs and duties that go along with being a full part of the church. In the early church, infants would receive the sacraments of baptism, the Eucharist, and confirmation within just a few short minutes. At that time, the methods took place to show that children and adults, in the eyes of the church, were equal and both could be full participants in faith rituals. Children did not have to prove themselves worthy in any way and they did not have to master any catechism or state their beliefs in certain Christian doctrine. In the early church, spiritual maturity was linked with the regeneration of the child during baptism. At that time, maturity had nothing to do with physical or intellectual bases. Confirmation meant the laying on of hands with prayer and consecrated oil. It appeared much like a baptism, only with different words spoken over the child. In the early history of the Catholic Church, no definite age was placed on a child for confirmation reception. As of 1563, an important council decided that age 12 was the best age for confirmation and no child that was less than 7 could even consider having the sacrament administered. With this decree, confirmation became one of the sacred sacraments that went along with age. Catholics began to receive baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation rites according to age and in that order. Today, confirmation candidates need to show a certain degree of maturity on a spiritual level. They have to publicly profess their commitment to the church and to Christ. The age at which various denominations confirm their young members varies, but it almost always goes along with adolescence..


Patron Saint Medal or Statue

When a Catholic child is confirmed, he first must choose the name of a saint to add onto his own name. The saint he chooses helps to show his spiritual maturity and tie his faith to the Catholic traditions. The saint he chooses can help signify the ideals he has and what difference he may someday make in the world. Once you find out what saint has been chosen, give the confirmed a wall hanging, figurine, necklace, or medal of that particular saint. You could also find a book about that saint so the confirmed person can read more about their chosen saint and receive more spiritual enlightenment.

Fashion Gifts

There are also plenty of stylish items on the market that any teen would enjoy wearing or owning. Visit a Christian gifts shop or go online to a Christian gifts website and buy sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags, hats, or any form of jewelry including cross earrings, golden cross jewelry, a crucifix pendant, healing pendulums and much more...


Adolescents are prone to losing themselves in music. Find out what style of music the confirmed person enjoys and then find some Christian artists that go along with that style. There are also compilation CDs that have many different styles and greatest hits from throughout the year or even over many years.

The Bible

The most popular book in the world makes a great gift for many occasions, but confirmation is an even better time to give it to an adolescent. Up until confirmation, the child may not have had a Bible of her own. Giving her a Bible to read can help her strengthen her knowledge in Christianity. There are plenty of different Bibles from which to choose including study Bibles that have been created just for teens. You could also choose between other Christian books to help the teen grow in her spiritual walk.