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Gift Ideas of for New Year


New Year is New Beginning

New Year's Day is always observed on January 1st, the first day of the year on the modern calendar. New Year's Day is the closest the world has to a global holiday, since most countries use the same modern Gregorian calendar. January 1st represents a new year and new beginnings. People often make resolutions regarding things they want to change about themselves in the next year. Some families have celebrations and feasts as well. There are also many different regional and even religious celebrations that take place on and around New Year's. On New Year's Eve, many cities participate in the custom of lighting fireworks at midnight and on New Year's Day, religious individuals start the new year off in church. The Catholic Church actually celebrates the holy day called the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God on January 1st.

Some families make it a custom to give gifts as a token of the start of a new year. There are many items that work well for gifts to commemorate the New Year.


Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are easy and simple and they are a nice way to tell someone you are thinking of them during the New Year.

Day Planners

A new calendar for events for the next year is a great idea for a New Year's gift. You can even write special dates into the calendar to get the recipient off to the right start in the New Year.

Personalized Gifts

These are almost always the best. You can make gifts by hand or have something made at the store. Monogrammed shirts, coffee mugs or other items that are made special and personal are always a nice touch.


Flowers are typical gifts to give to someone around the New Year celebrations. The flowers can show a sign of renewal within the person's home.


Religious Gifts - Gifts of Faith

Since the New Year is often celebrated by remembering Mary as the Mother of God, religious gifts like crucifix jewelry, patron saint pendants, diamond cross pendants or other such items work well.