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Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day

Saint Valentine's Day is often just called Valentine's Day. It is a celebration of love and affection that takes place on February 14th each year. The holiday is named after one of the early Christian martyrs by the name of Saint Valentine. There were actually a number of Saints that went by the name of Valentine. They were incorporated under one name in order to celebrate all of the martyrs at once. The saint was deleted from the calendar of saints in 1969, but it was adapted as a day in which lovers express their affection for one another with gifts, cards, flowers and other items. The day first lined up with the idea of romantic love in the High Middle Ages when courtly love began to flourish as a tradition. Today, the symbols that are most often associated with Valentine's Day are hearts, doves, and cupid. Before the 19th century, people would hand write cards and poems for one another. After that time, mass produced cards have taken the place of many of those items.

It is customary for couples to give one another gifts on Valentine's Day. These gifts could be any number of things and there are many traditional gifts that people have begun to expect:



This is the most popular gift for women to receive as men attempt to show their love for their wives or significant others. There are plenty of different types of jewelry from which to choose. Even religious jewelry is a nice idea. You can buy golden cross jewelry, a diamond cross pendant, patron saint medals, or any number of other items at the Christian gifts website options or Catholic jewelry stores. These gifts have even more meaning than a simple diamond necklace or bracelet since they echo both love and faith at the same time.

Chocolates or candy

One of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts is a box of chocolates or other candy. These boxes are sold en mass at many stores across the country. Heart shaped boxes with characters, sayings, or other special things on them are a sweet, sentimental way of showing someone you care.



It is customary to buy a Valentine's Day card for your spouse or significant other. Children often exchange them with friends at school and sometimes, family members even send them to one another to let each other know they are thinking of them. The key to finding a nice Valentine's Day card is spending a little time in the card aisle to read through the various cards and choose something that would have meaning to the other person. An even nicer gesture is a homemade card that has even more special qualities