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Gift Ideas for Christmas


About Christmas

Christmas is one of the most special days in the Christian faith and it is also one of the most important holidays worldwide, though not everyone celebrates it for the same reason as Christians. Christmas is observed on December 25th in honor of Jesus's birthday. Jesus exact birthday is unknown, but his year of birth was likely between 7 and 2 BC. Christmas may have been set for December 25th for one of many reasons. It may have been approximately 9 months after early Christians believed Mary conceived Jesus. Or it could have been put into place instead of a Roman winter solstice celebration that took place around the same time.

Though Christmas began as a primarily Christmas holiday, it is celebrated by non-Christians around the world. Many of the popular customs that surround the holy day have pre-Christian or even secular origins. These customs include holiday music, card exchanges, gift giving, special meals, decorations, and many other traditions. Gift-giving is one of the most prevalent parts of Christmas and there are several gifts people can give in order to heighten the real reason for the season of Christmas.



When carefully chosen, a Bible is one of the most cherished gifts you can give to someone. If the recipient is a frequent traveler, buy an audio Bible. A large print Bible is good for someone with eye trouble while a slim Bible is nice for those who want to carry it around with them often. There's a Bible out there for every person.

Christian CD

A good worship CD is not easily disappointing. If you choose a CD in accordance with the person's musical interests, they will likely love the new addition to their musical library.

Religious Books

If someone on your list loves to read, there is no better gift than a good book. Find out that person's reading style and then buy a religious book that corresponds. There are religious fiction books as well as all of the spiritual guidance type books.

Christian Movie

If you have a movie lover on your list, get them a Christian DVD. Movies that are both high quality and Christian in value are quickly growing in popularity. The movie you choose may become their new favorite.

Religious Clothes

Christians can show their faith through their shirts, hats, and even the bags they carry.

Religious Jewelry

There are all sorts of options in a Christ gift store. You can choose from Catholic saint jewelry, gold saint medals, Celtic rings, crucifix jewelry, golden cross jewelry and many other options.


Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God

The holy day called the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God starts the year by celebrating the Virgin Mary. Catholics are reminded of the role that she played in the salvation story. All Christians celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas, but a week later, Catholics also celebrate the role Mary played in the story by bringing Christ into the world. The holy day is celebrated on the first of January and in most countries, it is a holy day of obligation meaning that Catholics must attend Mass and recognize the importance of the day. The feast began in the East and was later picked up by the West. It has always been meant to celebrate Mary's motherhood. She is often referred to as “Mother of God,” which, when translated from Greek, also means God-bearer. The term is a way to assert the divinity of Christ to ensure that Mary, who was the mother of Jesus, is also considered to be the mother of God.