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Get to Know the Purity of Gold


How Pure Is Your Gold?

Gold Jewelry has been a favorite within societies all over the world. Gold is a material that never seems to go out of style. It is very rare for people to have any kind of allergic reaction to real gold so it is a safe thing to buy from someone else. Overall, gold is a good metal to work with and the patterns that are included in any one piece can be quite exquisite and intricate.

  • K is the letter to signify Karat in the system of gold. The amount of karats in a gold item denotes the percentage of gold in the item. The more karats the item has, the more gold it holds. For example:
  • A 10k item holds 10 parts of gold with 14 parts of other metals. The minimum amount of gold that an item has in order to be called gold is 10k.
  • A 12k item has 12 parts of gold and 12 additional metals included.
  • A 14k item has 14 parts gold and only 10 parts of other metals. It is nearly 60% pure gold.
  • An 18k item is the most popular piece of gold jewelry within the United States. 18 parts of the item are gold and only 6 parts have other metals. An item is 75% gold when it is considered an 18k piece.
  • 24k gold is the same as pure gold. Most jewelry made in India is 24k.

A Diamond is Forever

If there are any diamonds in the religious jewelry items you wish to purchase, there are important things you will want to consider before purchasing the diamond item. Not all diamonds were created equal and there are important terms and guidelines any buyer should know before making the final purchase.

  • Clarity denotes how clear a diamond is by sight. A diamond with high amounts of clarity is best.
  • Cloud indicates the amount of defect in the diamond that will make the stone not as clear.
  • Crown is the top cut of the diamond and how it is shaped.
  • Carat is the unit of measurement that is used to weigh the diamonds.
  • Blemish is a type of imperfection that is found on the exterior portions of the rock.
  • Eye-Clean is what a diamond is called if it looks clean to the eye without the use of microscopes.
  • Facets are the number of angles that are cut and polished into the diamond. Full cut diamonds have about 58 different facets.
  • Brilliance is the reflection of the light through the diamond. The more brilliance the diamond has, the better.
  • Point is the overall size of the diamond. It is similar to carats, but a less popular unit of measurement.

Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Jewelry is something that can last for generation after generation if it is high quality and handled with care. In order to keep your jewelry in good condition for future generations, it is a good idea to take care of the items in certain manners. With a few simple cleaning and care tips, quality jewelry can last for many lifetimes.

  • Never wear jewelry when working with chemicals or when swimming in chlorinated water.
  • Take jewelry off before doing any gardening or other yard work.
  • Remove jewelry before applying any hair products or other chemicals.
  • Clean pieces of jewelry with detergent free mild soap and warm water with the help of a toothbrush. Rinse the items with warm water and them pat them dry.
  • Jewelry can also be cleaned in jewelry store cleaning items. Set the items in the jar given to you by the store and let them soak. Leaving them, even overnight, is okay.
  • Keep jewelry in lined boxes when it is not in use so it does not get lost, scratched, or otherwise damaged.