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Christian Faith Jewelry


Christian Jewelry

It is simple to see why people believe that the cross is the main and most popular symbol of Christianity. Everywhere you look, people are wearing cross necklaces, earrings, pins, and rings. It is also easy to understand why Christians have felt close to the cross as a symbol for many years. The cross is an iconic symbol that represents many feelings and meaning that relate to the Christian faith.

The cross may be the most recognizable symbol, but the first real Christian symbol was the simple fish. That fish sign, in more recent days, has seen a revival and it has come back as a popular piece of jewelry and other Christian items. The fish comes from the symbolism Jesus used in his teachings, especially in the story about the fish and the bread feeding thousands of people. Early Christians who feared persecution also used the fish to discreetly identify one another without calling attention to themselves. They would use the fish to identify meeting places and they would draw a fish in the sand, much like a secret handshake. The popularity of the fish symbol has come and gone over the years. When you consider its significance in the history of the religion as a whole, it really should be more popular. Once the church officially formed, however, the cross became the official symbol in many different forms. Most Christians still prefer that symbol today.

In early days, priests and other church officials would wear crosses to identify themselves as holy. Once the protestant movement began and grabbed hold of momentum, the plain cross necklace launched itself into a new realm of popularity. Many members of the early Christian churches started wearing crosses, though many were made crudely out of wood and posted around the neck with leather cords or string.

Now, Christian jewelry can be found made from a large number of materials. Crosses are fashioned from wood, leather, glass, metals, stones and many other materials. Christians can find this wide range of cross and other religious jewelry options at local Christ gift stores or online at Catholic gift websites.


Cross Pendants

Religious jewelry must meet several requirements. It must have some sort of religious symbolism and it must be a sign of faith in some way or another. The cross is the most popular religious symbol in the world and most of the religious Christian jewelry features some aspect of a cross. Religious jewelry as a whole is meant to represent spirituality as well as style.

In the pre-Christian eras, the cross was an instrument of capital punishment. People were put to shameful and horrible deaths upon crosses and no one would ever dream of wearing one around their necks. It would be like someone wearing an electric chair around their neck today. The cross was invented by ancient Roman cultures and it was soon used everywhere to intimidate people and deter crime. During that era, everyone looked at the cross with terror. It was an instrument of execution and nothing more.

The change on the view of the cross took place when it was used to crucify Christ. Christ suffered and died on the cross and took the horrible pain of death upon himself in order to save humans from their own sins. At that time, the cross received great amounts of glory. No other object ever created had done the same thing that the cross had done for humanity. The cross quickly became a sign of salvation. It was the token used by God to bestow grace upon sinners through Jesus Christ.

From that point forward, the cross was an important symbol of the Christian faith. Religious jewelry, however, was not a wide spread concept among early Christians. Christians, early on in the religion's formation, were often persecuted for their beliefs. It was simply not safe to display religious ideals in the form of jewelry. Instead, Christians would wear anchors or other forms of Christian symbolism that could also stand for other things. The Ichthys, which looked like the profile of the fish, was especially popular in that time due to Christ's being 'the fisher of men.' The anchor was also a symbol of hope and faith in Christ, though those that opposed the faith did not recognize this form of faith and therefore did not persecute the individuals that wore it.

Catholic Crosses

Catholic crosses can be dated back many centuries. There is no certain dateline in place, but some of the first gold cross pendants can be traced back to the 1000-1400 A.D. eras or even farther. Since that time, the religious cross medallions and pendants have become very popular. Even in the medieval age, they were often used with simple costumes. People would wear heavy, dark wool and the brooch at the clasp along the neckline would often include a jeweled belt decorated with a gold cross pendant in the middle. During this time, necklaces and earrings were not common, but pendants and rings as well as other religious jewelry items were symbols that spread very quickly in popularity.

The popularity of the catholic crosses never faded over the years and people still use the symbol today. In fact, it is one of the best ways for Christians to show their faith in Christ in an outward manner. Catholic crosses are an attractive piece of jewelry and an outward sign of faith in God through Christ. Due to the many jewelry innovations over the years, there have been many new designs of crosses to help keep up with the styles and fashions of the modern day. The range of varieties available is truly amazing and can actually even get a little bit overwhelming.

Catholic crosses are often identified as crucifix crosses. Those are crosses with a depiction of Jesus' body hanging on the cross. These crosses are often worn by both men and women as jewelry items. The universal meaning of the cross is a form of spiritual victory of good over evil in the physical world as well as in the spiritual dimension. Cross items make wonderful gifts for many different occasions due to their Christian symbolism. Buyers could give them as gifts for baptisms, communions, weddings, confirmations or many other occasions. They also make thoughtful presents for people going through a hard time or a serious illness of some kind.

There are so many cross pendants available that it can get a little overwhelming. Catholic crosses come as diamond pendants, which are among the most popular designs today. Some top jewelry makers even make unique diamond cross pendants or custom pendants for special customers.