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The use of charms goes back to the Neolithic age when man would use a unique stone or piece of wood. Men, at that time, would carry those interesting or unusual items around as good luck charms to help ward off enemies. Later, in the age of Egyptian pharaohs, they made elaborate pieces of jewelry from precious stones and various metals. During that age, the first charm bracelets and necklaces came onto the scene.

When the first charms arose, they were used be Egyptians as amulets to help protect them against superstitious powers and evil forces. Even some of the early Christians wore charms that had symbolic elements that they believed protected them or gave them good luck. Later, in Victorian England, people embraced charms that represented luck or fortune and they felt that the charms helped to guide them throughout their life.

Charms became a popular gift once they came over to America, and they remain such an item today. They are both personal and affordable. A small, lovely silver charm can be purchased for under ten dollars, though someone could spend much more on charms made from solid gold or certain gems. Charms that depict the holy family became popular very quickly and charm bracelets were often covered with protective shields and other signs of life and various statuses. Today, people often wear ID tags to identify them as Christians. Charms can also be reminders of special beliefs within faith as well as symbols that a person feels are important to their particular faith walk.



Lockets, in some form or another, have been around for many centuries. Over the years, they have been used to carry keepsakes, gunpowder, poison, good luck charms, ashes, or even pictures. Over their history, lockets have been made from many different metals such as iron, sterling gold or silver, copper, brass, and platinum. Some lockets were made from copper and plated with German silver.

Lockets are considered to be the most personal jewelry item available. They have been around for hundreds of years and have been used for many things over the years. Today, they make wonderful gifts for a special person in your life. Some lockets are even extra special with signs and symbols of faith printed on them. Religious lockets have even more sentimental value and can be found in the various Catholic and Christian gift stores.

Lapel Pins

People of the Christian faith often find that showing their faith even through their lapel pins can mean something very special to them. There are many beautiful lapel pins with various Christian designs. Sometimes, churches give these pins out to men in their organization who have made a difference in the community. They also make good religious gifts to a man on any occasion. Christian lapel pins are so popular in today's society that they can be found with virtually any Christian symbol including the cross, angels, doves, fish and many others.

Lapel pins with various Christian symbols make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for any Christian individual. People often give these affordable gifts for a confirmation or first communion gift, but they also work well for graduations, birthdays, and other special celebrations. There are plenty of options available, but there are also custom Christian pins that can be created for special events like weddings. Guests can each have a pin and remember that event for many years to come. The popularity of the pins has grown greatly over the years and many groups and religions have created specific pins to represent their beliefs.

Prayer Rings

Prayer rings can be used in a number of ways. Specific Catholic prayer rings that are made in the form of the rosary can be used in saying the rosary prayer or as a simple reminder to pray often and regularly. Prayer rings that represent the rosary often have ten different bumps to help the person praying count the right number of prayers. The ring represents one cycle of the rosary prayer, also known as a decade. These are the most popular form of prayer rings within the Catholic faith, but there are many other options as well.

Prayer rings are also bold statements of faith. Many people wear rings on a regular basis and they notice the other rings that people wear. Prayer rings stand out on the fashion rung and give the wearer an opportunity to tell those that ask about their faith and their reasons for wearing such a ring in the first place.

Vine of Life

The Vine of Life is also commonly called the Tree of Life. This concept incorporates a multi-branched tree and the idea that all life on earth is related in some way or another. This vine of life symbol has been used in various religions, mythologies, and even in science. The vine or tree of life has been believed to connect heaven to earth and earth to the underworld. It connects all forms of creations under its cosmic branches. Some historians believe that the tree of life is also a tree of knowledge, both of good and evil. Others believe the tree is distinct from the tree of knowledge and assert that that particular tree was the one that led to humanity's fall from grace in the first place.

The vine of life is not a popular symbol, but it is a unique way to represent faith. Most of the symbols look like large trees with many big, wavy branched. It can be found in many different materials with various styles and appearances. The most common representation of the vine of life within jewelry hangs upon necklaces as a pendant, but it can also be found on bracelets, as earrings, and in other forms of jewelry.