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Children's Jewelry Gifts


Children's Religious Jewelry Gifts

When looking for the perfect gift for a child for a special occasion, there are many options from which to choose. Children's religious jewelry has as many styles and varieties as those for adults. The biggest difference is the size and general style of the items. Jewelry had no age boundary and children will often feel very special and more adult when they receive a piece of jewelry. Religious jewelry has even more meaning than an average piece. Religious jewelry features messages of faith that can help keep the child strong in their beliefs over the years in which they wear the item. To children, jewelry is often even more special than it is to adults. It is not something they necessarily have a lot of and they will often cherish the pieces that they receive. Children's religious jewelry makes a good gift for special occasions such as a baptism, confirmation, first communion, birthday or other religious or even everyday events.


Children's Rings

Children all across the age are starting to wear rings with more frequency. Children's rings can be seen on every age of child from toddlers all the way through teens. Pretty much every item of jewelry that has been created for grownups also has a sample counterpart that is prepared for children. Adults jewelry items may appear more mature while items for children are often more fun and whimsical. Children's rings may have carvings of animals or other favorite characters while adult items are generally more plain.

Most children enjoy rings that have special qualities. If the item has an engraving of their name, the initials, their favorite animal, or something else they enjoy, they will likely become even more attached to the item. Some rings for children even have embellishments with birthstones or other gems like opals or topaz. These items make the ring even more personal and customized to the child.

Children's Lockets

Lockets have been around for many centuries, though their uses have changed over the years. At first, lockets carried good luck charms and other keepsakes as well as power or poisons. More recently, they carry pictures and are often mementos that can depict religious beliefs as well.

Children have always had a fascination with lockets because they are closed items that hold something special inside. Children often adore having a locket of their own, in which they can keep a picture of themselves or their loved ones. Gifts of lockets on special occasions are wonderful ideas. Give a locket to a child for her baptism, first communion, or confirmation. Sometimes, people even put pictures of patron saints within the locket to make it even more sentimental and special within the religious realm.

Over the years, lockets have been made from many different materials. They can be found in copper, aluminum, brass, platinum, iron, and sterling gold. The most popular shape for lockets in the past and even still today is round and heart shapes. Today, lockets are also made in the shape of a book. Some lockets have precious stones, monograms, birthstones, or other personal qualities incorporated into them. Tradition tells that lockets hold two pictures, one on each side of the locket. However, today, there are lockets that can hold up to eight different pictures.

Children's Bracelets

Children have worn bracelets for centuries for many different reasons. In general, jewelry is mostly worn for personal decoration. In the past, when children wore jewelry, it was also to show their wealth and status. Superstitious beliefs also gave children reason to wear bracelets throughout history. Parents once believed that certain items of jewelry, including bracelets, could protect children from bad luck and evil spirits. Parents would even put bells and other accessories on the bracelets to chase the evil spirits away when the child entered a room. As those superstitions fell by the wayside, the bells still came in hand to alert the parent to the fact that the child had left or entered a room.

Today, one of the most common items of jewelry to give a child is a bracelet. It is meaningful gift that can last a lifetime. Many people give newborn babies bracelets and they also make nice gifts for christenings, first communions, or special birthdays. Children's bracelets can be very expensive, but they can also be quite affordable.

Children's Baptism Jewelry

There are many different options for a child who is receiving the sacrament of baptism. It is sometimes hard to choose between the various gift options. Many people enjoy buying the child an item of baptism jewelry to help commemorate the special day. There are also plenty of options in that field.

A lovely gemstone cross ring is a wonderful baby gift and a nice heirloom for the future. These rings are quite small and are often tied to a blanket, small pillow, or even a tiny Bible. They are easy to lose and are not really meant for the child to wear. They are more of a keepsake item that the child can enjoy looking at in order to remember her baptism years later.

There are certain gemstones like sapphires, amethysts, and emeralds that have traditions that are based within the Christian church. While looking for the perfect baby religious jewelry item, these gemstones make a nice addition to the item. Later in life, the wearer can view the item and remember their faith through the various symbols that are available. These pieces of baptismal jewelry make wonderful gifts for a child's baptism. They are special items that will likely be cherished for the rest of the child's life as reminders of their faith.