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Celtic Crosses


Celtic Crosses

Objects surrounded by mystery and supernatural stories have always been very curious to the human mind. Celtic jewelry has plenty of both. Celtic jewelry has rituals and traditions behind it as well as plenty of history. The symbols that can now be found on the jewelry come from the ancient European people known as Celts. The Celts have a long history of very specific rituals and traditions. As these traditions were discovered, the various jewelry that came from the era began to make more sense. To reflect their history and culture, Celts made beautiful items of jewelry with symbols and designs that meant something to them. Celtic rings often have intricate knotted patterns as well as scrolls, spirals and other designs that have deep meanings.

Celtic jewelry is also often called Claddagh jewelry. It has been appreciated over the years for its differences and its exquisite traditions and appearances. Jewelers often use Celtic patterns to create crosses and other mysterious pieces of jewelry. The Celtic spirals represent eternity and they often show up within Celtic jewelry. The Celtic cross actually came out much before the Christian cross. According to the legend, it actually pre-dates Christianity by two centuries. The story states that St. Patrick created the Celtic cross by simply drawing a circle over the simple Latin cross.

The Claddagh design has a heart topped by a crown, held by two hands. The heart represents love, the crown represents loyalty and the hands represent friendship. Claddagh rings are symbols that have meanings to the Celtic people. Those meanings have been well documented over the years. After examining the meanings, it becomes obvious why Claddagh rings and symbols are popular gifts of love. They often pop up in wedding and engagement rings and bands. The simple beauty of the symbols along with their intrinsic meanings make them quite fitting for marriage and betrothal. The Claddagh symbol also works well between two friends. The gift can go along with the saying, 'let love and friendship reign'. The hand on which the ring is worn can make a big difference in its significance as well. If the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing out, it means that the wearer is not in a relationship. If the heart faced in, it means the wearer is in a relationship. If the ring is worn on the left hand, it doesn't matter which direction the heart faces. It simply means the person has been joined in marriage with someone.


Celtic Knots

Celtic knots are the most popular and recognizable forms of Celtic jewelry. The knots are distinguished with intricate patterns and designs. There are many ancient designs that still exist today and some of them even have significant meanings. The meanings change based on the tribe and its location, but overall, the Celtic knot symbolizes interconnectedness and eternity. There is no definitive guide that explains what all of the different knots mean, but they all have at least one general overall meaning.

Celtic Rings and Bracelets

Celtic rings and bracelets are even more popular items in today's society. Celtic jewelry has both beauty and symbolism a combination many wearers crave. Claddagh rings and bracelets have plenty of symbolism, but they also have the beauty and aesthetic appeal that wearers crave. Rings that have the Celtic knot design signify eternal live, which is why they often show up at wedding ceremonies. Sometimes, friends exchange Celtic rings and bracelets as well to show their loyalty to their friendship.

Celtic Pendants

Pendants usually depict some of the most popular Celtic symbols such as the cross, dragon, knot, spiral, and serpent. Some of the symbols have deep spiritual meanings today that are tied with religious backgrounds. All of the designs are so intricate that they become timeless works of art that remain fashionable jewelry for centuries on end. There is no real information on the Celtic knots, but they are believed to help rid of evil spirits as well as bring interconnectedness to those who wear them.

People do not have to have Celtic connections of any kind in order to enjoy and appreciate the many different types of Celtic Jewelry. The jewelry enhances an outfit and often adds a spiritual meaning to an ensemble. There is so much timeless elegance that comes along with Celtic jewelry that the items often go with any occasion or outfit. The items have plenty of history and symbolism behind them as well; making them a great choice for traditional pieces of jewelry for any loved one. Celtic jewelry can be bought for personal keepsakes, unique items for gifts, or simply for their aesthetic beauty.