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Catholic Jewelry


Catholic Jewelry

Anyone who visits a Catholic jewelry store will notice that there is a large amount of diversity in terms of catholic jewelry. Catholics can choose between crucifix jewelry, rosaries, saint medallions and pendants and many other items. Each of those examples comes in many different forms such as earrings, medals, necklaces, bracelets rings, and plenty of other styles. There are so many choices that religious jewelry is often given as gifts for special occasions. Gold saint jewelry is a great gift for a child’s first communion while religious saint medals are perfect for confirmation. Catholic wedding bands are wonderful for couples about to get married while cross earrings might be a nice gift for an upcoming graduation. Catholic jewelry is easy to find in catholic jewelry stores or online at catholic gifts websites and it is a gift that is thoughtful in many different ways.

Angel Jewelry

Angels have been prevalent in the human culture since 3000 B.C. around the time of the ancient Babylonians. Angels represented divine spirits that had everything good within them. In fact, they were much the same way that people envision angels today. The term “angel” comes from the Greek world of “Angelo.” With a Hebrew transition, the word essentially means, “Messenger.” Western religions look at angels as sprits from heaven that move between the divine and the mortal world, delivering messaging and offering help when necessary and needed. Babylonians thought that every person has one or more angle assigned to them. At least one angel sat on each shoulder with one recording the good deeds and the other the bad ones.


The Crucifix Jewelry

The crucifix is the most well known and most important symbol of the Catholic Church. Those who see the crucifix often associate the symbol with the Catholic Church, though really it stands for Christianity as a whole. The crucifix is an originally Latin symbol that features a cross with the body of Christ hanging on it. It is used to symbolize the sacrifice that Christ made along with his suffering that ultimately cleansed mankind of its sings. It is the most important symbol of Catholic devotion and Catholic churches still use the crucifix on prominent portions of their walls today.

Rosary Beads

The Catholic rosary includes reciting some of the most important prayers in the faith including Our Father, Hail Mary’s, and Glory Be prayers. While saying the prayers, the person praying is supposed to meditate on the Lord’s life and the saving mysteries is holds as well as on the Blessed Mother as a whole. The mysteries a person could contemplate are joy, glory, sorrow, and illuminant in nature.

The Rosaries

The rosary is considered to be the most powerful form of prayer by the Catholic Church. The term rosary indicates a set of prayers and also a line of beads that are often used in the devotional praying. The rosary can combine silent and vocal prayer surrounding the Lord’s Pray, the Hail Mary Prayer, and the Glory Be to the Father prayer.

Rosary Bracelets

Most people who think about a rosary picture a necklace that is used in prayer by Catholic individuals. It is true that the traditional rosary is indeed a necklace. That necklace has 50 beads, which are organized in groups of 10, each group of which is called a decade. A large bead comes before each group followed by ten small beads that are called Hail Mary beads. The large bead signifies the Our Father prayer. The number of the beads corresponds with the number of Psalms that appear in the Bible.

Patron Saint Jewelry

Patron saint medal and other items are supposed to be worn in order to assist, guide, and protect the person wearing them. Patron saint medals are popular with Catholic believers. The medals distinguish features of a certain saint that the Catholic person has chosen as special to them. Patron saints are saints that can go before God and protect or negotiate on the behalf of humans. There is a certain saint for each occupation as well. Items that have been found from history show that saint medals and other forms of saint items have been popular and prevalent as far back as ancient times. Using saint medals probably came from the Roman and Greek inheritance.

Jesus Pendants

There are many different ways people can show their faith through jewelry. The Christian cross is the most popular item of jewelry to show faith, but there are many other options for people who want something a little different. Jewelry can be both elegant and meaningful at the same time. Jesus pendants are beautiful depictions of Jesus that can be hung on a chain or necklace and worn close to the body. The pendants keep the wearer aware of Jesus’ presence in their lives at all times and they make excellent statements of faith to others who may see the pendant. The pendants also make wonderful gifts for another Christian individual. They come on necklaces, bracelets, key chains, zipper pulls and many other items. Buyers can find them in gold, silver and many other fine materials.

Ecce Homo Medals

ince Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity, it only makes sense that Christians would have an interest in owning and perhaps even wearing Ecce Homo Medals. These medals depict the face and head of Christ, sometimes with the background of a cross or other symbols. The face of Christ is sometimes crowned with thorns in order to show the suffering he endured for the human race.

Blessed Virgin Mary Medals

The image of the Virgin Mary is shown in many churches, especially those with Catholic backgrounds. Mary is a central figure in the history of Christianity and it is easy to place her in the center of many of the religious stories. Many church windows feature stain glass depictions of Mary along with the image of the baby Jesus. Some pictures show her in the stable with the new baby cradled in her arms.

Miraculous Medallions

The Miraculous Medallion was one of the most popular medals of its time. The medal is based on a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary that appeared to a nun by the name of Sister Catherine. Sister Catherine was originally called Zoe Labore until she became a member of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and changed her name to something more religious. Ever since the medal was created, it has been believed to bestow graced upon anyone who wears it.

The Holy Trinity Jewelry

Holy Trinity Jewelry, like many other forms of religious jewelry, comes in many different types and styles. The Golden Trinity Cross, for example, is a beautiful Icelandic jewelry that also has a deep significance in terms of symbolism. The trinity is a symbol of the Holy Trinity, the idea that God exists in three different equal and eternal beings at the same time. Those beings consist of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Holy Trinity jewelry is often popular because of its symbolism within the Christian faith. Few other pieces of jewelry symbolize the face of God in quite the same manner.