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Read about Story of Jesus Christ for this Christmas

Posted by Delia Bass on

Read about Story of Jesus Christ for this ChristmasThe story of Christ is so original and compelling that once it sinks in‚ it is hard to deny. It all starts with the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth and the events that surrounded it.

This is the widely known “Christmas story” as it is often called. The story of Jesus’ birth. But it is not even the most important part of Jesus’ story. It May be the most celebrated portion of the story‚ but it is certainly not the most venerated.

The story of Jesus’ death and resurrection holds much more weight in the overall Christian faith. The historical event that is deeply rooted in the past has a dynamic memory that carries through to the present and gives meaning to people of faith. The event itself took place around 30 A.D. when the world was filled with turbulence. Jesus was a compelling teacher‚ a leader in the religious community‚ and an astounding healer. He was arrested in Jerusalem and sentenced to death by crucifixion‚ one of the cruelest forms of capital punishment in the Roman Empire.

Jesus story really only just begins with his death. For those within the Christian faith‚ his death is heroic‚ but it is not confined to history. Because he then raised himself from the dead and ascended into heaven three days later‚ God comes into the present day will full force.

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