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Ins and Outs of Religious Jewelry

Posted by Delia Bass on

Ins and Outs of Religious JewelryJewelry is not just art that you can wear. It can also pay tribute to a lot of things that people hole near and dear to their hearts‚ including their faith and religious beliefs. People actually began wearing religious jewelry in ancient Egypt‚though the symbols at that time were more pagan and organic since Christianity had not yet been introduced.

Christianity is not the only religion that displays its symbols on jewelry‚ but it has the most popular of the religious symbols to wear. Cross jewelry is the most popular form of Christian religious jewelry.

If we talk about history of jewelry‚ the term jewelry is a large‚ broad term that relates to any adornment of an ornamental nature that one wears on the body. Jewelry first began to rise within society when humans stopped moving around as nomads and began to settled in various areas and begin communities. The earliest examples of jewelry come around 2500 BC with the Sumerians.

The Greek influence on jewelry began under Alexander the Great. Alexander began exploring and raiding other lands‚ which led to the discovery of great artists. Rome was a wonderful place for an early goldsmith to learn the craft and go on to build jewelry. Romans first used Greek patterns and ideas‚ but eventually‚ their own unique patterns began to emerge.

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