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Gift Ideas For Baptism

Posted by Delia Bass on

Gift Ideas for BaptismThe word baptism has been defined as a ceremonial ablution‚ especially within the Christian ordinance. The origin of the word means to whelm or to cover fully with fluids. The very first baptism that was mentioned in the Bible was in the third chapter of Matthew.

John the Baptist said he started baptizing people because the Spirit came in the form of a dove from Heaven and told him that he was sent to baptize by water. It seems as if John the Baptist baptized by having the person stands in the water and then fully immersing them under the water.

Baptism is one of the most important Christian rituals within the major world religion. There are many different views on baptism‚ but every Christian church agrees that it is an important aspect of the Christian faith. Whenever such a momentous occasion takes place‚ family and friends of the baptized child or adult feel they should bring some sort of special gift or token to commemorate the day.

These gifts include;

1. Bible and Other Religious Books
2. Rosary Beads
3. Religious Jewelry
4. Religious Personalized Gifts
5. Religious Wall Hangings and Gifts for Home

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