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Christian Symbols And Their Values

Posted by Delia Bass on

Christian Symbols And Their ValuesThe values of Christian symbols can be derived from various but specific objects and items. These symbols are indications of holy religion and appeal the emotions and the intellect. Christianity has developed these symbols from many different common symbols which are historically popular all over the world in various regions.

These symbols are somewhat similar to other faiths and considerable indication of new traditions. Christian symbols include water‚ bread and wine‚ the dove‚ fish‚ Borromean rings‚ star of David and most important‚ the cross. Each of these symbols has its own value. For example‚ water represents the purity and cleansing.

The cross which is the widely recognized Christian symbol‚ on the other hand‚ not only stands for the death and resurrection of Christ but also conveys the messages that Christ brought with him into the world. The cross is a cue that the Christ died for us and our sins. It shows kindheartedness and mercy to those people who contrived and crucified him. Read more to know about the values of above symbols.