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Birthday Gifts Ideas for Adults



A person's birthday is the day in which they were born, or the anniversary of that birth. People celebrate their birthdays in many different ways including parties and gatherings of many different kinds. Birthdays are celebrated in many different cultures. The most prominent example of a special birthday is the celebration of Christmas. This is the day in which Christians and non-Christians alike recognize and celebrate the birth of Christ. On a birthday, it is a tradition for family members and friends to send birthday cards to someone having a birthday. That person will often receive gifts as well, especially if there is a party of some sort. The type of present depends on the tastes of the recipient. There is no better way to show you care about someone than buying them the perfect gift on their birthday. Well-planned and thoughtful gifts often become something the birthday person treasures for years. Here are a few tried and true ideas that have worked over the years:


Gifts of Christ

There are plenty of religious themed gifts that a man may like as well. Buy him a personalized Bible, other Christian books that may help him in his faith, Christian music or DVDs, or even items like a patron saint medal or golden cross jewelry.

Religious Gifts

Women of faith also enjoy items such as Christian books, music, movies and other such items. Visit a Christian gift store and browse the wall hangings, statues, and other items until you find something that perfectly fits the woman on your list.


For Men

Team Gear

If the man who is having a birthday loves sports, buy him a token of his favorite team. There are team hats, shirts, coats and many other items on the market to help him show his team spirit.


Buy a man the tool he has been waiting for over the years. If there is a project he wants to undertake, but he does not have the right tools, find the right gear and get him started.


Often guys like things such as video games, cell phones, MP3 players and other electronic devices. Take note of what the man already has and buy him something different.

For Women

Flowers and Chocolates

Though it may seem like a generic gift, it is actually a highly prized and appreciated present.


Little boys love action and if they have a new football, basketball, or soccer ball, they will likely wear themselves out before the afternoon is done.

Science Gift Certificates

This type of gift is fun, but it also helps boys expand their abilities and imaginations.