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Birthday Gifts for Children



A person's birthday is the day in which they were born, or the anniversary of that birth. People celebrate their birthdays in many different ways including parties and gatherings of many different kinds. Birthdays are celebrated in many different cultures. The most prominent example of a special birthday is the celebration of Christmas. This is the day in which Christians and non-Christians alike recognize and celebrate the birth of Christ. On a birthday, it is a tradition for family members and friends to send birthday cards to someone having a birthday. That person will often receive gifts as well, especially if there is a party of some sort. The type of present depends on the tastes of the recipient. There is no better way to show you care about someone than buying them the perfect gift on their birthday. Well-planned and thoughtful gifts often become something the birthday person treasures for years. Here are a few tried and true ideas that have worked over the years:


For Girls


Many girls love dolls. If the little girl on your list already has quite a few dolls, you might want to consider buying her clothes or other accessories for those dolls. A doll house, car, or new outfits can add hours of fun to her favorite games.

Dress-up Clothes

Many little girls also love to play dress-up themselves. Buy a trunk full of dresses and shoes and the little girl can play make believe for hours on end.

Craft kits

Little girls also like to create things of their own. Watch for kits that allow them to decorate clothes, shoes, or make their own jewelry. You could even buy her a small digital camera along with some scrapbooking supplies to help her create her own memory book.

Religious children gifts-girls are often touched by items of sentimental value. If you buy her some type of religious children jewelry, a special religious book, or even a religious statue, it could very well be something she will cherish as she grows in her faith over the years.

For Boys

Train or Race Car Set

Boys play hard and need toys that can be rearranged when they get bored. Train and race car sets can often be moved from place to place and rearranged in different set ups to keep the boys entertained for hours on end.

Sports Equipment

Little boys love action and if they have a new football, basketball, or soccer ball, they will likely wear themselves out before the afternoon is done.

Science Experiment Kit

This type of gift is fun, but it also helps boys expand their abilities and imaginations.

Religious Children Gifts

There are many items that a little boy may like including a gold saint medal, religious books for their age range, and special statues or snow globes.