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About Biblical Jewelry


Biblical Angel and Animal Jewelry

The world 'angel' comes from the Greek word of aggelos, which means messenger. The word 'malak' in Hebrew has the same meaning and was often used to refer to these beings. The Bible sometimes used one or both of these words to describe people who carried messages, prophets, priests, church leaders, pillars or clouds, and many others. Most often, however, the words were used to describe a range of spirits that God created. There are both good and bad angles. The good angels even had categories such as archangels, cherubim, and seraphim. Angels get 108 mentions in the Old Testament and 165 mentioned in the New Testament. There is enough evidence in scripture to allow believers the idea that angels are quite important.

The Bible teaches about when angels were created so it is evident that they did not exist for all of eternity along with God. The Bible also says that they number of angels is great, though there is no exact number given. Angels appear to be ministering spirits that do not have physical bodies like humans. Since angels are spirits, they do not always have to be visible, though many of them appeared to people throughout the Bible. It is apparent that while angels are stronger than humans, they are not all powerful. They are also smarter and more noble, but these capabilities have limits as well. Not every angel even has the same job. Some protect while others reveal. Some guide while others deliver. Some simple worship and praise while other strengthen and encourage. The jobs as outlined in the Bible are various and plentiful.

Biblical animal jewelry is often a favorite among children. The jewelry has special meaning because it has a religious background, but it also has a wonderful picture on it that depicts an animal that the child likely loves. When looking for the perfect gift for a child, consider a piece of Biblical animal jewelry.


The Dove

The dove has been a Christian symbol since the early days of the religion. Early Christians would place a dove on their tombs to signify the soul at peace. The dove would often hold an olive branch to remind people of the story from Noah when the bird was dispatched from the boat to find dry land. When the dove returned with an olive branch, it signified land had been found and Noah and his family once again had peace with God. Since that time, the dove has become well known as a sign of peace and happiness. To Christians, they mean even more.

Because doves symbolize peace, love, and the Holy Spirit, they have become a popular item of Christian jewelry over the years. Buyers can find dove pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and many other items. The dove jewelry is often made from fine metals like gold and sterling silver but it can be found in much less precious materials as well. Some of the doves carry a branch in their beaks while others are plain and alone. Dove jewelry items are also sometimes adorned with various precious gemstones. One might feature a diamond in the eye for something classic and simple. Another option may have stones all the way around the outline of the dove or even completely covering its body.

Praying Hands

Over the history of the praying hands symbol, the icon became so popular that it was frequently made into charms and other pendants that Christians wear all of the time today, all over the world. You can find praying hands by themselves, or sitting within a circle. Most pendants are plain in simple gold or silver metals. Some are more adorned, but the plain items are still the most popular.

Praying hands symbols make wonderful religious gifts for many different occasions. They are the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding, confirmation, or other special event. They are also a nice thought for someone who has been going through a hard time or who is struggling with an illness. Like many other items of religious jewelry, the praying hands remind people to pray and have faith in God.

The Mustard Seed

The parable of the mustard seed is one of the shortest parables that Jesus told during his life. It is also one of the most powerful parables because it has taken hold of the Christian community over its history. The parable itself actually appears three different times in three of the gospels. In each of the three accounts, Jesus tells his listeners that the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that man planted in a field and allowed to grow. When it grew, it became a large tree and housed many birds among its branched.

It is hard to understand how the mustard seed symbol is used in religious jewelry. It is a very small item, but jewelers have made it come alive. Small seeds are often placed inside clear necklaces so they show. It is also often placed in the center of a cross or in the center of a medal with a verse written around it. Mustard seed jewelry is not the most popular form of Christian jewelry, but it is a very unique expression of faith.

The Lcthys or Fish Symbol

Lcthys, or the fish symbol, come from the ancient and classical Greek word for fish. In English, the sign looks like a fish with two intersecting arcs. The symbol looks like the profile of a fish and early Christians used is as a secret symbol to identify one another during times of persecution. The Greek letters that are used for Lcthys are actually acronyms that translate to Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior. The symbol also became popular because of all of the mentions fish receive in the Bible.

There are many items of jewelry that feature the fish symbol and though it will never overtake the sign of the cross, it is a very popular Christian symbol within the culture. Christians who want to convey their faith to others, or simply remind themselves of their faith, will often wear a fish necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet or other such items. Items of fish jewelry make lovely gifts for religious occasions or many other events.